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Winning with Workplace WorkshopsIt’s said that a company is defined by its people. It follows that the better the people, the better the company. Taken even further, the better those great people work in collaboration with each other, the better the results they can achieve, and the greater success they can deliver.

Improving Upon People

Having a team full of great people begins with selection, but if it stopped there those people would eventually stagnate, become bored and unhappy due to a simple lack of a sense of growth. Truly quality people want to constantly be growing, developing, learning new things, taking on more responsibility, and advancing in their career.

The new things they want to learn go well beyond pragmatic skills. Those who realize that the greatest results are achieved by teams want to develop their verbal and written communication skills to become more adept at working with other people. They want to develop a deeper understanding of human interpersonal dynamics so they optimize their interactions. Many wish to learn how to manage others, and eventually come to want to understand the difference between management and leadership.


The Center for Leadership and Development

The need to help people develop these and many other “soft” skills is what encouraged New Horizons to develop the Center for Leadership and Development designed to help companies to develop their people into highly functional teams that truly enjoy working together to achieve excellent outcomes.

The Center offers three learning paths. Each consists of 8 hours of Workplace Fundamentals training followed by 16-24 hours of interactive workshops in which participants have the opportunity to use what they’ve just learned in practical situations

Professional Development

Focused on improving human interpersonal skills, workplace fundamentals include business etiquette, customer service skills, understanding how to navigate your own organization, time and task management, and fundamental business communication skills such as business writing and making presentations.

Participants will use these skills in workshops in which they learn about getting the desired results, building better work relationships, critical thinking, expanding emotional intelligence, and expanding one’s sphere of influence.

Communication & Interpersonal

Continuing with deeper focus on interpersonal communication skills and strategies this set of workplace fundamentals includes creative problem solving, negotiation, conflict resolution, developing even greater emotional intelligence, and how to influence others without assigned authority.

The advanced workshops center on the interpersonal skills discussed to go deeper into such important characteristics as developing assertiveness and strong negotiating skills, communicating effectively inside and outside your organization, creating optimum customer experience, and important focus on workplace diversity and culture.

Leadership & Management

Participants will learn how new managers are created and developed, and how they manage people, processes, and change. Managing people includes how motivation leads to performance through effective coaching and mentoring, leveraging the leadership influence a manager earns from their team.

In the workshops, they’ll learn how to develop their leadership voice, evolving into and then beyond the manager role. In today’s connected world, workshops on managing remote and virtual teams is a must. Ultimately, the workshops help participants understand what it is and how to become a transformation leader.

Catalyst for All Other Training

All skills training you send your people in for is significantly augmented when they can bring the learning back and proactively share it with others.

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers Center for Leadership and Development

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