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Why Human Resources Certification is Booming

Why Human Resources is BoomingIf you’re a “people person” this will be good news for you.

According to G2 Crowd, “The global human resource management (HRM) sector is projected to reach $30 billion by 2025. In other words, the business of creating innovative HR solutions is booming. HR, an industry comprising professionals that have been historically overburdened with the complicated processes of managing the lifecycle of every employee, is currently experiencing a deluge of innovation.”

New technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), process automation, data digitization and more have made it possible for HR departments to become dramatically more efficient. Automation, in particular, liberates HR personnel by taking over menial, repetitive tasks they used to have to perform manually.

Human Resources is Important because Human Resources Are Important

Even as the advance of all the new technology concerns many with its potential to replace human workers completely, companies around the world are discovering the vastly increased potential within their own workforce when properly motivated, properly managed, properly compensated, and properly treated.

Many have said that people define a company, and that any company is only as good as its people. More companies are heeding this observation and are investing far more deeply in people than ever before. Those investments and those people must be managed to achieve maximum benefit for everyone concerned.

This has expanded the role of the HR department significantly. According to Grand View Research, “Organizations across the globe are focusing on creating a digital workplace that enables high productivity, offers flexibility & mobility, and uses modern communication tools. This shift of business processes from legacy systems to digital HR is playing a significant role in centralization of HR data across all the branches of an organization, thereby allowing for easy access of data.”

Indeed, where HR was only responsible for recruiting and benefits, today’s HR analytics enable a far broader scope of services. HR participates in the development of compensation programs, training roadmaps, personal development plans, and much more.

To support these new activities, new HR software addresses everything from talent management to aptitude testing, performance benchmarking, attendance patterns, processing of direct requests, and much more.

There’s Much to Learn

The good news is that all of this makes HR a place that will never becoming boring. New challenges arise all the time, especially since no two people are exactly alike. Working with a wide variety of software to analyze a growing variety of data entities takes HR far beyond being just a place to help people. It becomes a place where the help you provide makes a tremendous difference in the lives of others.

Speak to your New Horizons Career Counselor today to learn more about how to prepare for your career in Human Resources Management.

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