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Use Control Panel to install .NET 3.5 on Windows 10 (Windows 10)

Use Control Panel to install .NET 3.5 on Windows 10 (Windows 10)Attempts to install .NET framework onto Windows 10 from a USB drive or any other format, other than the Control Panel, will end in failure. For Windows 10, the Control Panel is the only viable way to install .NET framework.

Fortunately, .NET 4.7 is included by default in the Creators Update v1703, but for earlier versions like .NET 3.5, a manual install is required.

Download the required .NET 3.5 data here: and install onto the system following the download prompts. Once installed, enable the .NET Framework 3.5 in the Control Panel by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard and typing “Windows Features”. In the “Turn Windows features on or off” dialog box that appears, check the .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0) box, click OK and reboot the computer.

Posted on 10/30/18 8:00 AM by Get Schooled in windows 10

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