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Translate document text into another language (Word 2016)

Translate document text into another language (Word 2016)In today’s global workplace, creating documents for use in multiple languages is increasingly important. Whether it’s for a single word or an entire document, Word provides the instant translation tools you need. To translate a word or phrase, select the word and right-click on it. Select Translate from the shortcut menu.

If you haven’t used this tool before, you may encounter the Use Intelligent Services dialog box. In this dialog box, click on Turn On. The Translator task pane appears, displaying your selected word in the From box. Ensure that Word has detected the correct language you are translating from, and then select your desired language from the dozens of options on the To dropdown list. You can use this translation to add a note to your document, or you can click Insert to replace the selected word with its translation.

To translate an entire document, open that document and select the Review tab on the main ribbon. In the Language group, click on Translate | Translate Document. In the resulting Translator task pane, designate the appropriate languages in the From and To dropdown lists, and then click OK. After a few moments, your translated document opens. Click Save on the Quick Access Toolbar, and save your new document.

Important: Consider this translation tool as a starting point. It’s important to check the accuracy of your document’s translation before disseminating it to others.

Posted on 9/14/18 10:40 AM by Get Schooled in Word

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