The IT Information Library (ITIL) – Changes in 2018

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The ITIL Blog introduces the changes coming to the library in 2018 in an article titled “Brave New Service Management World”. Increasing complexity and the increasing need for greater agility have driven significant change that anyone managing a career in IT needs to be aware of as they continue their constant path of education.



Writing in a December 30, 2017 article on the Information Technologies Instructional Library (ITIL) Org Blog called “Brave New Service Management World - 2018, Martin Andenmatten suggests that “agility has become the new mantra of IT. If something is to promise success then it has to be at least "agile". Agile is the new ‘sex sells’ of the IT industry.” Andenmatten goes on to discuss the drivers of the new agility, explaining, “The complexity will not decrease in the future - on the contrary. New technologies, mobility, Internet of Things, everything-as-a-service and countless new partners need to be integrated more than ever before, while ensuring ever-higher security and privacy standards. Services will therefore become more and more important in the future, enabling the user to easily use them and ensuring friction-free control of all involved components and partners while ensuring the regulatory and statutory obligations. Here, the IT service management organization has to move and free itself from the protective cloak of processes and tools…Those who do not question their methods and processes can not develop themselves and their company for the future.”

Speaking at the itSMF USA Fusion 2017 conference, AXELOS CEO Peter Hepworth explained, along AXELOS's Chief Product Officer Margo Leach, that agility is a big component of successful service management. They defined agility as 'a business's ability to respond to commercial threat, and respond to market demands and opportunities.'

ITIL Upgrade – First in Seven Years

Hepworth also announced the first major upgrade to ITIL since the introduction of ITIL 2011.

Explained Hepworth, “ITIL is thinking about the future...That's why a big change is coming in 2018. It consists of a renewed focus on the core principles of quality service management.”

“Of course,” he continued, “ITIL can be tailored to meet the needs of a fast-based service lifecycle. However, it is likely that the current need for agility is what inspired the new focus on ITIL's partnership with DevOps, Agile and Lean. Important to note:

  • The core elements of ITIL will remain and will continue to derive from the experiences of thousands of specialists and experts. Research has confirmed that ITIL remains best practice for the ITSM industry.
  • The update will include practical guidance on how ITIL is adopted in conjunction with practices such as DevOps, Agile and Lean.
  • Individuals who have already certified will have their current certifications recognised in the new scheme.
  • This will be a community-led initiative. We actively encourage practitioners to provide insight and feedback to directly influence the update via the Global Research Programme.

Also important to note is the future role of automation in ITIL. Automation is featured prominently in many discussions of the future of service management. AXELOS says that 89% of professionals 'think that an increase in automation will take over the repetitive tasks of IT.”

ITIL Relevance? 1,000,000 Users Say “Yes”

According to AXELOS, “current adoption levels are the biggest proof of ITIL's relevance, with over a million IT professionals in the US relying on ITIL's best practice guidance to deliver business success, one of the reasons that this update will continue to include the widely-adopted core principles of ITIL.”

For technology professionals, this update makes an excellent time to pursue your ITIL certification if you don’t already hold one. For current ITIL professionals, your existing certifications and experience will continue to be valuable, but it’s highly suggested that you pursue more education on the new features of the Library. For more information, call your New Horizons counsellor today!

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