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Taking Advantage of the Skills Gap

Taking Advantage of the Skills GapRecent magazine articles on the IT skills gap say that anywhere from a quarter million to several million open job requisitions are out there waiting to be filled. This creates ongoing tremendous opportunity not only for those entering the job market, but also for those who are already employed in IT but want more! This discussion highlights the skills training and certifications that best prepare you to land one of these millions of great jobs.

When fabled bank robber Willie Sutton was captured in 1934, the FBI agents who caught him asked why he robbed banks. He famously replied, “Because that’s where the money is!”

When you apply the same logic to selecting IT training, the answer becomes “skills needed to go where the jobs are!” You’ll then find that often, one person’s problem is another’s opportunity.

In the September 2018 CompTIA 7th State of the Channel Report the topmost item on the list of “Factors Leading to Pessimism About Channel’s Future” is the “Skills gap for emerging technologies” which was a concern to 30% of respondents in 2016 and had risen to 42% last year in 2018.

In the same survey, 58% listed the “need for technical training” as their main challenge and 43% listed “difficulty hiring staff with the right skills” as theirs. 53% of IT staff and 47% of business staff listed “Availability of skilled IT workers” as what’s most needed to achieve an optimistic outlook for the IT channel.

Sounds Like Bad News… but…

The difficulty IT service providers and corporate IT departments are experiencing in finding personnel with the needed skills presents those entering or growing within the ranks of today’s IT professionals with an unprecedented array of opportunities. All you really need to know is what those skills are and you can readily prepare yourself to take full advantage. Again, CompTIA provides the answer in the following two charts.

The first lists the actual services that IT channel firms are offering today, which offers some idea of what paths to follow to earn employment with them:

Ask yourself how large an organization you feel comfortable working in, and which of these service categories seems most attractive to you. You’ve just narrowed your search to the point where you can begin pursuing the necessary training. You could be prepared to find such employment in as little as six months!

The second chart looks to the future reporting expectations for which services will by growing in demand over the next two years:

For those of you who enjoy long-term vision, this second chart informs your decision-making process to make certain that the training you seek will continue to be relevant in the near future.

Go Where the Best Preparation Is

Armed with greater insight into the kind of job you’d like to qualify for now and in the future, seek out the assistance of your New Horizons Career Counselor to help you determine which courses you’ll need to take to get to “where the jobs are.”

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