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Replace all instances of a special character automatically (Word 2016/2013/2010)

Posted on 7/12/18 9:12 AM by Get Schooled in word tips and tricks, in Word, in microsoft word

Word’s Find And Replace feature can recognize special characters, as long as you know the character’s ASCII code. For example, let’s say you wrote an entire marketing document for your company’s new product, DermaCréme, before realizing that the product’s name is actually DermaCrème. Rather than hunt through the document for each instance of the product name, you can automate your search using Word’s Find And Replace feature. But first, we’ll make a stop at the Symbol dialog box to gather information.

Select an instance of the letter é in your document. Select the Insert tab on the ribbon, and then in the Symbols group click on Symbol | More Symbols. In the resulting Symbol dialog box, you’ll note that é is already selected. Choose ASCII (decimal) from the From dropdown list, and make a note of the character code, 233. Next, click on the è symbol, and note that its ASCII (decimal) code is 232. Also note that these are four-digit character codes, so Word has removed the initial zero.

Press [Ctrl] H to open the Find And Replace dialog box. In the Find What text box, type DermaCr^0233. Note that we included the initial zero before the number we found in the Symbol dialog box. In the Replace With text box, type DermaCr^0232, and then click Replace All to fix the entire document at once.

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