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What’s new for IPv6 in Windows Vista

Posted on 5/10/11 6:37 PM by Get Schooled in Windows Vista

Vista has a number of security-related enhancements, and those who are already running Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) networks, or who are contemplating transitioning to IPv6, need to know what changes they’ll find in IPv6 support.

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Improve your computer’s performance on Windows Vista

Posted on 4/25/11 11:39 AM by Get Schooled in Windows Vista

One of the great things about Windows Vista is its Performance Management. In other Windows Operating Systems, you either had to buy a third-party tool to analyze your computer or you had to know the intricate details on how to pinpoint performance trouble spots.

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I want my RUN command back!

Posted on 2/23/10 9:26 AM by Get Schooled in Microsoft, in New Horizons Computer Learning Center, in start menu, in Vista, in Windows Vista, in RUN command, in Tips & Tricks

If you’re attached to the Run command, you may have been dissapointed when you noticed it’s missing from the Windows Vista Start Menu. While the Start Search command performs the same functions as the Run command, (allowing you to find and open files, folders, even web site urls quickly) you can get the Run command back into the Start menu if you want it.

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