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Virtualize Has Many Meanings

Posted on 4/2/18 9:00 AM by Get Schooled in Private Cloud

Virtualize, Virtualize, Virtualize

There’s much to virtualize! Servers, storage, desktops, and all of it reduces costs, increases control, and facilitates cloud. The more you can virtualize the more valuable you become, so learning how to virtualize everything is a great strategy for maximum professional growth.

Saying “virtualization” to a technology expert is like saying “white” to an Eskimo. Everything in an Eskimo’s world is white, so they’ve developed many different words to describe many different kinds of white.

The same is true in IT. There are many kinds of virtualization, and all of them work together to create tremendous gains in efficiency, effectiveness, and cost-control.

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Infographic: Virtualization and Private Cloud Trends

Posted on 9/25/12 10:40 AM by Get Schooled in Infographic, in IT News, in Microsoft, in virtualization, in Private Cloud, in trends

Microsoft has released a new infographic following the trends of Virtualization and Private Clouds in the IT world.

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