Reminder: Office is a Suite – Do More When You Use the Tools Together

Posted on 3/1/18 3:34 AM by Get Schooled in Apps, in Microsoft, in Microsoft Office Suite, in New Horizons, in Office, in Suite

From the beginning when dynamic linking libraries (DLL) were new, all the applications in the Microsoft Office Suite were designed and meant to be used together, not just stand-alone. Learn how to leverage the linkage to dramatically expand what you can accomplish in Office.

Where do I begin?

Far from just the opening lyrics to the movie theme for “Love Story,” this is a question that many Microsoft Office users frequently ask themselves as they approach a new project.

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Eight Time-Saving Excel Shortcuts

Posted on 8/13/14 7:05 AM by Get Schooled in Excel, in excel keyboard shortcuts, in excel shortcuts, in Microsoft, in Office, in Tips & Tricks

Excel has a lot of useful shortcuts that perform various tasks. The more you know, the more time you can save.

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Keyboard shortcuts for easy paragraph alignment

Posted on 7/9/13 8:30 AM by Get Schooled in Excel, in Justification, in keyboard shortcut, in Lists, in Microsoft, in microsoft office, in Office, in Word, in powerpoint, in Tips & Tricks

There are many ways to change the alignment of a paragraph in Microsoft Office: you can click the Align Left, Center, Align Right, or Justify buttons on the Formatting toolbar (the Home tab's Paragraph group in Word 2007 and 2010); you can also select Format | Paragraph, click on the Indents And Spacing tab, and choose the desired setting from the Alignment dropdown list.

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