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Recruiting Talent to Bring the Internet to Things

Posted on 8/13/14 7:00 AM by Get Schooled in Cisco, in IT News, in new certifications, in News

The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving recruitment for the larger technology companies. Due to the recent proliferation of IoT enabled devices, including light bulbs, garage door openers and bracelets, the push to connect everything in consumers' homes to the internet is on, and every major developer wants their platform to be the number one, Wired reported. In order to get this to happen, they are plucking the best and brightest out there to join the IoT divisions and head up teams ready to start on IoT projects. It is entirely possibly that Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) training may become even more useful for employees looking to get jobs in all fields with the advent of these new products, as soon all devices will be put on networks, even TVs and mugs.

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