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Fetch items from a collection using ‘Yield’ instead of Temporary Collections (C#/.Net)

Posted on 12/27/18 10:00 AM by Get Schooled in .NET, in C Plus

A temporary list is a common solution if you want to retrieve and hold items from a collection for later use.—like a basket full of apples at the ready for when you get hungry later. Just as a basket of apples would be heavy to lug around, the temporary list can be computationally taxing. Instead of using temporary collections, try using Yield to spread the computational cost over a greater length of time. Because Yield return only requires the next item before returning, it’s much more lightweight.

For example:  public IEnumerable<int> GetValuesGreaterThan100(List<int> masterCollection) { foreach (var value in masterCollection) { if (value > 100) yield return value; }}

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Mac users: Don’t run Windows VM for .NET work; instead find a Windows machine (.NET)

Posted on 9/13/18 10:22 AM by Get Schooled in .NET

Mac users enjoy lots of system perks, but if you’re trying to make changes in a .NET app, you’re out of luck. The go-to recommendation for Mac users who need to perform .NET Framework development is to run a Windows Virtual Machine (VM) on the Mac system.

Unfortunately, developing .NET in a virtual environment can yield a big mess that requires later debugging as a result of vagrant VM. Furthermore, the performance of a Mac running .NET, while simultaneously running a Windows VM, can be frustratingly slow.

The best solution for Mac users who need to develop .NET is to find a separate Windows machine and perform the development on the system in which it was designed to operate.

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Use basic HTML to add a title or caption to the top of GridView control (.NET)

Posted on 8/24/18 8:37 AM by Get Schooled in html, in .NET

Most everyone has at least heard of the GridView.Caption property which lets you use text in an HTML caption so your page is more accessible to assistive technology devices. What you might not have learned is that you can go beyond basic text and add full HTML. This facilitates significantly more opportunity for captions to be creative and appealing design-wise.

For example, this code utilizes HTML tags to add a border and background color: <asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" ... Caption='<table border="1" width="100%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" bgcolor="yellow"><tr><td>Grid Heading</td></tr></table>' CaptionAlign=“Top”>.

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Monitor network traffic with bandwidth monitoring tools

Posted on 1/29/11 3:00 PM by Get Schooled in Bandwith, in Bandwith Monitoring, in Cisco, in FreeMeter, in .NET, in NetFlow, in Network Traffic, in New Horizons Computer Learning Center, in Scrutinizer, in Plixer, in Tips & Tricks

Monitor network traffic with these bandwidth monitoring tools

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Alternatives to storing BLOB data in the database

Posted on 1/14/11 3:00 PM by Get Schooled in BLOBs, in database, in MSQL 7+, in .NET, in New Horizons Computer Learning Center, in PDFs, in Tips & Tricks

Practical alternatives to storing BLOB data in the database (MSQL 7+)

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