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Add dynamically linked Excel data to your Word document

Posted on 3/24/17 9:20 AM by Get Schooled in Microsoft XP

(97/2000/2001/2002) Many of us create numerical reports using Excel worksheets. Unfortunately, numbers don't always speak for themselves. To make complex numerical data easier to understand, you may present your workbook's key figures along with descriptive information and analyses in a written report, saved as a Word document. You can print your Excel data and your Word report separately and collate them later, or you can simply copy key portions of your Excel workbook and paste them directly into the Word report; however, if the data in the workbook changes, the data you pasted in your Word report will remain the same. Instead, you can use the Paste Link feature to paste Excel data as an active link. That way, when the data in the Excel workbook is updated, the data in your Word report will update accordingly.

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Don’t let Windows ignore your copy and paste commands

Posted on 3/14/11 9:52 PM by Get Schooled in copy paste, in Microsoft XP, in Tips & Tricks

Don’t let Windows ignore your copy and paste commands! Make it play nice with this simple fix (Microsoft XP)
Each time you copy text, a file, a folder, or an image, it’s added to the Windows clipboard. Sometimes the clipboard becomes corrupted and won’t function properly. Fortunately, you can resolve the problem quickly by clearing the clipboard of corrupted clips using ClipBook Viewer.

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