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Reminder: Office is a Suite – Do More When You Use the Tools Together

Posted on 3/1/18 3:34 AM by Get Schooled in microsoft office

From the beginning when dynamic linking libraries (DLL) were new, all the applications in the Microsoft Office Suite were designed and meant to be used together, not just stand-alone. Learn how to leverage the linkage to dramatically expand what you can accomplish in Office.

Where do I begin?

Far from just the opening lyrics to the movie theme for “Love Story,” this is a question that many Microsoft Office users frequently ask themselves as they approach a new project.

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Knowledge Ninjas Adding New Products

Posted on 4/11/17 2:51 PM by Get Schooled in microsoft office

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers’ Microsoft Office helpdesk solution, Knowledge Ninjas, has recently added more products to its existing service. In addition to the latest versions of Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, Knowledge Ninjas will now offer solutions to OneNote, Skype for Business, and Office 365.

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Make an Impact: Be the Hero This Valentine Season

Posted on 2/10/17 9:46 AM by Get Schooled in microsoft office

The start of a new calendar is exciting for everyone. It’s a time to reflect on the previous year – the relationships, the experiences, even the decisions – and set goals for the coming months. With the trial month of 2017 already in the past, how’d you fare compared to what you set out to do? Are you still going to the gym, cooking more during the week or going to bed earlier at night? What about your goals in the work place? Is this the year you learn a new skill? Or are you the boss and want to be a better leader?

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Tips for New Microsoft Office Feature: Navigation Pane

Posted on 8/29/16 8:27 AM by Get Schooled in microsoft office

  • View tab > Show group > Navigation Pane
  • Rearrange the document by dragging and dropping text with heading styles within the pane. For example, move the first-level heading and all the text under it just by dragging the heading where you want it in the Navigation pane. No need for cut and paste
  • Markers on left of text collapse and expand sub levels
  • Three buttons:
    • Browse the headings in your document
    • Browse the pages in your document
    • Browse the results from your current search
  • Enter search information in the top white box for a rapid search. Occurrences are highlighted in list with corresponding page numbers as a screen tip Ctrl+F also activates the Navigation Pane. Consider using Ctrl+H to display the legacy Find/Replace dialog

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How to proof read content

Posted on 12/7/15 4:05 PM by Get Schooled in microsoft office

There are proofing options to rectify mistakes in any content.

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Recover Microsoft Office Documents for User (2010, 2013)

Posted on 9/9/14 2:10 PM by Get Schooled in Microsoft, in microsoft office, in office 2010, in Office 2013, in recover unsaved work, in Tips & Tricks

One of the most common and potentially frustrating requests from end users is to help them recover documents they haven't saved. While data for unsaved documents may be found in a temp folder, users may not know where to find these. Fortunately, if the person is using Microsoft Office, there's a GUI to help find the document, and a high probability that a recently closed unsaved document can be recovered, even if it was just open for a short time.

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Keyboard shortcuts for easy paragraph alignment

Posted on 7/9/13 8:30 AM by Get Schooled in Excel, in Justification, in keyboard shortcut, in Lists, in Microsoft, in microsoft office, in Office, in Word, in powerpoint, in Tips & Tricks

There are many ways to change the alignment of a paragraph in Microsoft Office: you can click the Align Left, Center, Align Right, or Justify buttons on the Formatting toolbar (the Home tab's Paragraph group in Word 2007 and 2010); you can also select Format | Paragraph, click on the Indents And Spacing tab, and choose the desired setting from the Alignment dropdown list.

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Recover unsaved Excel 2010 workbooks

Posted on 3/12/13 8:52 AM by Get Schooled in Excel, in Microsoft, in microsoft office, in Recover workbooks, in Tips & Tricks

We've all done it before—either you forget to save a workbook, you accidentally save it when you should have saved it as a different name, or maybe you lose work because of that rare power outage. Whatever the cause, there's no need to panic when you think you've lost your work in Excel 2010. You can quickly and easily recover older (unsaved) versions of your workbook.

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After 25 years, Microsoft's logo gets an update

Posted on 8/23/12 1:52 PM by Get Schooled in Announcements, in logo, in Microsoft, in microsoft office, in upgrade, in Windows 8


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Microsoft Office to be available for iPad

Posted on 8/22/12 11:59 AM by Get Schooled in Apple, in InstallFree Nexus, in iPad, in IT News, in Microsoft, in microsoft office, in News, in ZDNet

Information technology professionals have likely gone through multiple hours of certifications and IT training, but there still has never really been a way for them to get Microsoft Office onto their company's iPads. That is, until now. ZDNet said InstallFree Nexus is coming out next week and will allow users to work with Office on their Apple tablets.

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