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Certify to Qualify for Your Dream Job

Posted on 4/23/19 8:46 AM by Get Schooled in certification training, in Certifications, in Microsoft Certified, in Technical Training and Certification

The US Department of Defense requires IT applicants to possess a CompTIA Network Certification. More and more large organizations are recognizing the high value of IT industry certifications. How you align your Learning Plan can be your first strategic step toward the job you dream of.

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Microsoft and Elance partner to find job opportunities for MCPs

Posted on 8/22/11 10:47 AM by Get Schooled in Announcements, in elance, in IT Career, in jobs for mcps, in Microsoft, in Microsoft Certified, in virtual business card

Microsoft has announced that it is working with the online employment platform, Elance to help MCPs find work in the cloud.

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