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Posted on 10/24/19 12:06 PM by Get Schooled in leadership development, in CLD, in Center for Leadership and Development

It’s said that a company is defined by its people. It follows that the better the people, the better the company. Taken even further, the better those great people work in collaboration with each other, the better the results they can achieve, and the greater success they can deliver.

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Preparing Users for Digital Transformation

Posted on 2/28/18 11:57 PM by Get Schooled in leadership development

No, we’re not thinking about turning people into cyborgs, but the concept of Digital Transformation is really not so much about technology as it is about how people use new and emerging technologies. As a professional technologist your clients gain more the more you guide them along the transformative path.

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How Do 76% of Candidates Find Jobs

Posted on 2/12/18 12:13 PM by Get Schooled in leadership development

It’s probably not what you’re thinking. Are you one of those people who dismiss LinkedIn as just “Facebook for your business life”? If so, you are selling this valuable tool, and yourself, short.

Yes, LinkedIn works hard to be many things to many people, and now that they’re part of Microsoft we can expect much, much more, but a look at the fundamentals suggests how LinkedIn facilitates the way our working world works these days.

Your LinkedIn profile serves as an expanded version of your resumé. Not only does it list your work history and educational experience, it also provides an opportunity for others to celebrate you.

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Wake Up Excited About Your Job Search Every Day

Posted on 12/14/17 12:34 PM by Get Schooled in leadership development

Which of these two sounds like it would work better:

  • You send a piece of paper, or more likely a .pdf, to someone to tell them all about yourself and why they should hire you.
  • A good friend you know and trust talks about you with someone who knows and trusts them about you and why they should hire you.

Obviously, the second approach is much more personal and much more effective. How does anyone know if what they see on a document like a resumé is true? But if someone they know and trust tells them that you’re a talented and worthy individual, they are instantly confident that you’re worth meeting.

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10 Ways to Blow Your Interview

Posted on 9/20/17 4:57 PM by New Horizons in leadership development

Your blast-out of resumés got a hit! You’re going on an interview. If you really DON’T want to work, here’s a quick guide to make sure you blow the interview and don’t get the job:

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How to Manage a Remote or Virtual Team

Posted on 6/21/17 9:52 AM by New Horizons in leadership development

Working virtually offers unique advantages and challenges. But how do you best leverage these benefits while overcoming impediments?

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Embrace Change the Right Way

Posted on 5/3/17 2:20 PM by Alex Matthews in leadership development

Change is, well… scary. It’s something different and unexpected. We’d be lying to ourselves if we said that our first day at a brand new school wasn’t a little nerve-wracking or if we aren’t a little anxious on a particular Wednesday in November after an election year. Sure you can formulate predictions based on previous experiences, but it’s impossible to see into the future, no matter who you are.

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Stay on the lookout for your own Snowden nemesis

Posted on 3/24/17 9:21 AM by Get Schooled in leadership development

Whether you think of Edward Snowden as a hero or a traitor, one thing's clear: It's critical to protect your own organization's data, so you may want to learn what the NSA did wrong that allowed Snowden to gather and disseminate top secret information. According to various reports (e.g.,, Snowden used web crawler software to scrape the classified secrets he wanted. Amazingly, he was caught with this software, but no effective action was taken, even though he was confronted a few times about his activities. Being a contractor at a facility that was last to get state-of-the-art security measures implemented, he was able to fall through the cracks. Afterwards, it was found that the software he used to glean information contained saved settings to scan for various forms of top-secret information.

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To hire the right candidate, use your own interview questions

Posted on 3/24/17 9:15 AM by Get Schooled in leadership development

When you're trying to build a top-class IT team, it's tempting to ask candidates some of the standard problem-solving questions used by big players in the industry, such as Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft. Lots of websites list commonly used questions, and you're sure to find super-clever brain teasers and computer science problems from these sites to help discover what your candidates are made of.

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Key questions to ask to keep third-party tools from becoming albatrosses around your neck

Posted on 3/24/17 9:14 AM by Get Schooled in leadership development

One of the most important decisions you can make in developing any new web functionality is whether to use existing third-party tools and controls, or to code more from scratch. There are a vast number of tools available (many of them open source) to develop various web features, such as date pickers, grids, CRUD interfaces, and shopping carts. These tools often have advanced, attractive functionality, so using them to the fullest extent possible may seem an obvious choice. However, don't assume that a pre-made tool will necessarily save you time. Since general tools typically contain much more code than something you'd create yourself to serve a unique purpose, their code can be much more difficult to understand, troubleshoot, and debug. A common mistake is to choose an existing tool without considering the effort to adapt it to your requirements. For example, while you could add wings to a boat to turn it into an airplane, it may be better to build an airplane to begin with, if that's what really you want.

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