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How to switch sheets in Excel using shortcuts

Posted on 1/7/14 3:09 PM by Get Schooled in Excel, in keyboard shortcuts, in Microsoft, in shortcuts, in Tips & Tricks

A simple way to switch sheets, even though most of us probably use the mouse, you can just press Ctrl+Page Down and it will get you there super fast.

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Change paragraph alignment from the keyboard (2000/2002/2003/2004/2007/2010)

Posted on 9/10/13 9:26 AM by Get Schooled in keyboard shortcuts, in Tips & Tricks

To change the alignment of a paragraph, you can click the Align Left , Center , Align Right , or Justify buttons on the Formatting toolbar (the Home tab's Paragraph group in Word 2007 and 2010). You can also select Format | Paragraph, click on the Indents And Spacing tab, and choose the desired setting from the Alignment dropdown list. But, when you're typing up the paragraph you need to align, where are your hands? They're on the keyboard, of course. Instead of breaking the flow by moving to the mouse to apply alignment settings, you can keep your fingers on the keyboard using the helpful alignment shortcut keys listed below.

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Save time in Excel with Shortcuts

Posted on 5/13/13 1:42 PM by Get Schooled in Excel, in keyboard shortcuts, in Microsoft, in shortcuts, in Tips & Tricks

Excel has lots of useful shortcut keys that perform various actions. The more you know, the more time you can save. Here are eight shortcuts we hope you find useful:

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Up productivity with Outlook keyboard shortcuts

Posted on 12/11/12 10:45 AM by Get Schooled in keyboard shortcuts, in Microsoft, in outlook, in Tips & Tricks

When working in Outlook, you probably move to your mouse and then click on menus to create new emails, tasks, appointments, and so on. Instead, try our list of shortcuts, keep your hands on your keyboard, and get right to typing your information.

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8 helpful Internet Explorer keyboard shortcuts

Posted on 7/10/12 2:38 PM by Get Schooled in internet explorer, in keyboard shortcuts, in Tips & Tricks

You can immediately take advantage of these shortcuts to boost your online productivity. All you need is a little patience to learn them, and some dexterity to put them to good use.

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Function Key Shortcuts for PowerPoint

Posted on 2/7/11 11:41 AM by Get Schooled in keyboard shortcuts, in New Horizons Computer Learning Center, in powerpoint, in Tips & Tricks

As demands on your time continue to rise, anytime you find a shortcut that helps you create or edit a presentation in less time and with more ease, you should commit it to memory. Or, just cut out our handy clip-n-save page to put dozens of useful shortcuts at your fingertips.

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Format Fills & Strokes With Your Keyboard in Illustrator

Posted on 4/12/10 11:06 AM by Get Schooled in format fills, in format strokes, in keyboard shortcuts, in Adobe, in Adobe Illustrator, in Tips & Tricks

Here are three easy keyboard shortcuts that will save you time when applying strokes and fills. First, if you want to quickly switch between fill and stroke and you don't want to bother with clicking them, simply press "x" to toggle between the two. Second, if you want to apply the last-used solid color or gradient to a selected object, press the comma key for the last-used color or the period key for the last-used gradient. Keep in mind that you can always see what these colors are by looking at the icons in the Toolbox. Finally, you can quickly change the fill or stroke color to None by pressing the forward slash key [/]. This changes whichever attribute is currently selected in the Toolbox, so if stroke is active and you want to change the fill to None, press "x" to toggle over before you press [/].

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