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Server Quest II is here!

Posted on 4/27/09 6:53 PM by Get Schooled in Just fun!, in Microsoft

Here's a fun game that should resonate for all you IT Pros: Server Quest II.

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Wordle, Wordle - Pure Fun

Posted on 4/15/09 1:16 PM by Get Schooled in Just fun!

So, we were curious to see what words we use predominantly on our website and in our various forms of content we provide to you our students and "future" students so we decided to run our information through Wordle is a free online app that takes your input and turns it into a "word cloud" so you can quickly see which words are used more frequently than others. The results and combinations, color choices, fonts and arrangement of the words is just so fun to tweek and play with. I highly recommend you visit wordle and try to create your own wordle. You can view ours here:

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