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Remove a sender from your Outlook Junk Email List

Posted on 8/4/10 5:06 PM by Get Schooled in junk email, in Microsoft, in outlook, in Tips & Tricks

Remove a sender from your Outlook junk e-mail list (2003/2007)
Sometimes senders that we legitimately want to receive e-mail from get banished to our Junk E-mail folder. Here's an easy way to put a sender back on your safe list. Click on the Mail icon in the Navigation Pane, and then click on the Junk E-mail folder in the All Mail Folders List. Next, in the Message list, click on a message from the sender that you want to deem as safe. Then, choose Actions | Junk E-mail | Add Sender To Safe Senders List. Future messages from this sender should now remain out of the Junk
E-mail folder.

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