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Embrace arrow functions to write clean, condensed code(JavaScript)

Posted on 3/2/18 1:15 PM by Get Schooled in javascript

Clean Javascript Code Makes You Happy

Modern web developers are constantly working on ways to simplify the development process and streamline code. Not only does this make code easier to write, but efficient code doesn’t need a long explanation when working on team projects or passing the baton to a fresh developer. 

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Don't get fooled by links in SPAM

Posted on 8/27/09 2:15 PM by Get Schooled in Firefox, in javascript, in Tips & Tricks

Verify URLs in potential SPAM emails

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JavaScript & Query Strings to organize your website images

Posted on 8/13/09 1:18 PM by Get Schooled in html, in images, in javascript, in website, in Adobe, in query strings, in Tips & Tricks

Use query strings to organize your images

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