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Cross-Training and Your Career

Posted on 12/19/17 10:25 AM by Get Schooled in Certifications, in IT News, in IT Training

This will come as no surprise. The more you know, the more you’re worth. In the IT industry that great truth has been growing year-by-year for decades.

There was a time when you could categorize yourself as a “desktop guy”, or a “server guy.” A “storage guy” or a “networking guy” or any of many others.

The economics of the business changed as more firms took on more clients and more responsibilities. The trick to managing costs involved sending out the right “guy” at the right time to each call with the right skills and the right tools.

Some members of some tech teams were “certification hounds” who grabbed every opportunity to take a training course and get a new certification in something they didn’t already have. Soon dispatchers found it much easier to manage the call flow as they gained more flexibility in who they had available with the right skills to be assigned to a wider variety of calls.

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Understanding Multiple Default Routes in Router Configuration

Posted on 1/26/16 8:19 AM by Get Schooled in IT News, in Tips & Tricks

When looking at a router's configuration, you may notice multiple default routes, each with a specified administrative distance (AD), using the "ip route" command. This can sometimes lead to confusion about two issues: First, why the route with a higher AD isn't chosen, and second, why multiple default routes are defined if only one will be used.

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Discover How Big Data Can Benefit You

Posted on 3/10/15 4:49 PM by Get Schooled in Big Data, in Company News, in IT News, in SpecTECHular, in Tips & Tricks

As an ever-evolving term referring to an extensive volume of data, structured to unstructured, that has the potential to be mined for information, the concept of big data may seem just too BIG to grasp.

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New Horizons Receives VMware Global Training Partner of the Year Award

Posted on 2/25/15 10:44 AM by Get Schooled in Announcements, in Awards and Kudos, in Company News, in IT News

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers is excited to announce that we've received the Global VMware Partner Network Award in the Training Partner of the Year category as well as the America's Regional Training Partner of the Year Award for 2014.

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Technology and the Manufacturing Industry

Posted on 2/11/15 6:00 AM by Get Schooled in IT Career, in IT News, in News

Manufacturing companies have a storied history with technology. From the days of the Industrial Revolution, new machines and assets have helped to generate an incredible number of advances across the entire industry. But while things have certainly come a long way since the 1700s and 1800s, by no means has manufacturing tech reached its full potential. In fact, modern science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals can find an increasing number of opportunities in this industry.

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8 Time EC-Council Award Winner, Pete Cortez, is a Top IT Security Trainer in North America

Posted on 11/3/14 12:00 PM by Get Schooled in Announcements, in IT News, in News, in security

Pete Cortez, Technical Instructor with New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of San Antonio, was recently recognized by EC-Council, a leading international certification body in information security, as one of the top three instructors in North America with the Circle of Excellence award. 2014 marks the eighth time Pete has been recognized by EC-Council for outstanding performance.

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Get the Scoop on New Microsoft Products

Posted on 10/7/14 3:00 AM by Get Schooled in IT News, in Microsoft, in Microsoft Partner News, in windows 10

As one of the biggest names in the industry, Microsoft has attracted a significant amount of attention recently. With a new operating system on the way and a fresh incarnation of Office rolling out, there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding these Microsoft programs.

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Recruiting Talent to Bring the Internet to Things

Posted on 8/13/14 7:00 AM by Get Schooled in Cisco, in IT News, in new certifications, in News

The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving recruitment for the larger technology companies. Due to the recent proliferation of IoT enabled devices, including light bulbs, garage door openers and bracelets, the push to connect everything in consumers' homes to the internet is on, and every major developer wants their platform to be the number one, Wired reported. In order to get this to happen, they are plucking the best and brightest out there to join the IoT divisions and head up teams ready to start on IoT projects. It is entirely possibly that Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) training may become even more useful for employees looking to get jobs in all fields with the advent of these new products, as soon all devices will be put on networks, even TVs and mugs.

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New Survey Finds Unlicensed Software on Rise

Posted on 7/8/14 11:17 AM by Get Schooled in Cisco, in IT News, in malware, in Microsoft, in security risk, in unlicensed software

A new survey has found that almost 60 percent of businesses experienced a malware attack caused by unlicensed software that resulted in loss of data. The report by software lobbying firm BSA and analytics company IDC involved more than 2,000 IT managers in 34 major markets.

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Power-User Settings: For Their Security and Yours

Posted on 6/9/14 8:15 AM by Get Schooled in executables, in extensions, in IT News, in Microsoft, in power user, in Tips & Tricks

Extensions and Executables
Many users keep the Microsoft Windows default of "Hide extensions for known file types," whereas power users often deselect that option so they can see the file extensions for all files. You might think that if other users want to hide extensions, that's fine for them.

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