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Microsoft Offers $39.99 Windows 8 Upgrade - Learn more

Posted on 7/5/12 10:03 AM by Get Schooled in Announcements, in Computerworld, in FAQ, in Gregg Keizer, in IT News, in Microsoft, in upgrade, in Windows 8

After Monday's announcement by Microsoft that users would be able to update from Vista or XP operating systems to Windows 8 for only $39.99, the web has been buzzing with requests for more information - Where is the upgrade offered? Can I upgrade all of my machines with only one purchase? Can my PC handle an upgrade?

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Don't forget customer service on your eCommerce site

Posted on 1/12/11 3:00 PM by Get Schooled in Customer Service, in eCommerce, in FAQ, in New Horizons Computer Learning Center, in Tips & Tricks

Don't forget customer service on your eCommerce site

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