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Going out of office? Use the Assistant instead of an auto-reply rule (Exchange Server)

Posted on 9/20/18 8:54 AM by Get Schooled in exchange

Imagine this scenario: A user goes on maternity leave for three months, but before she goes she creates an auto-reply rule for all incoming messages. At first glance, this seems like a viable solution—that is, until her mailbox becomes completely jammed with more than two million auto-reply messages that over-tax the server and crash the application.

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Adjust settings to stop Outlook from requesting logon credentials (Exchange Server)

Posted on 8/31/18 12:12 PM by Get Schooled in outlook, in exchange

If Outlook is harassing you with prompts to input your logon credentials whenever you use your Exchange account, it’s most likely because of the way your Outlook is configured. Unlike people, Outlook doesn’t take pleasure in your inconvenience, but it will (usually) follow its configurations to a T. Fortunately, changing this setting is simple and will prevent the logon prompt in the future.

To find and adjust the logon credentials setting:

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Automatically display emails in HTML with Safe Senders list (Exchange Server)

Posted on 8/7/17 1:24 PM by Get Schooled in exchange

Small inconveniences that take a second of your time aren’t the end of the world. But when you—or employees—experience that same inconvenience every day, over and over, that wasted time adds up. The need to right-click on emails in order to view them in HTML is one of those cumulative annoyances.

Do this instead: Configure a safe senders list that automatically displays safe messages in HTML.

First, create a .txt file that stores a list of safe senders (domains or addresses) each on a new line. Save this to a file share that all your clients can access. If you don’t have Administrative Template files installed, download them from the Microsoft Download Center.

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Deployment Assistant is the perfect wingman for an Exchange 2016 build (Exchange Server)

Posted on 8/7/17 1:23 PM by Get Schooled in exchange

Building your servers using Exchange 2016? Enlist the Microsoft Exchange Server Deployment Assistant to guide you. With this useful tool, the process becomes pain-free and easy.

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