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Find helpful worksheet data displayed onscreen (Excel 2016)

Posted on 12/3/18 8:49 AM by Get Schooled in Microsoft Excel, in Excel

Without even having to type a formula, Excel automatically displays helpful information about the cells you select. Open a spreadsheet and select several cells containing numeric data. If you look at the status bar at the bottom of your window, you’ll see the average, count, and sum for the selected data. Even better, you can customize the data shown in the status bar. With the cells still selected, right-click on the status bar. Select any additional information you’d like to display.

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Convert units of measurement within your data (Excel 2016/2013/2010)

Posted on 11/5/18 8:00 AM by Get Schooled in Microsoft Excel, in Excel, in excel tips & tricks

Convert units of measurement within your data (Excel 2016/2013/2010)Excel’s CONVERT function provides an easy way to display your data in another unit of measurement. For example, if you have a list of temperatures in Fahrenheit and you’d like to add a column that displays each temperature in its Celsius equivalent, you need look no further than the CONVERT function.

Let’s assume your first Fahrenheit temperature, 98.6, is located in cell C7. In cell D7, type =CONVERT(C7,"F","C"), where C7 refers to the temperature you want to convert, “F” refers to Fahrenheit, and “C” refers to Celsius.

Excel allows conversions for dozens of units of measurement, including mass, pressure, distance, magnetism, and many others. Search for the term convert in Excel’s help pages to find an exhaustive list of all conversions and their text values you’ll use in your formula. For example, “m” represents meter, “in” represents inch, “T” represents Tesla, and “ga” represents Gauss.

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Select your dataset without all that clicking and dragging (Excel 2016/2013)

Posted on 4/19/18 2:04 PM by Get Schooled in Excel

To select your entire dataset, do you always click and drag? For small groups of cells, this method works just fine, but as your dataset grows, you may find it awkward to drag outside the visible window. Sometimes the scrolling speeds up unexpectedly, and you have to really work to select your entire dataset and nothing more. Consider a faster approach: simply press [Ctrl][Shift][*] to select your entire dataset.

Once you click on a cell, you can select the remainder of that column by pressing [Ctrl][Shift][Down Arrow], or you can select the remainder of that row by pressing [Ctrl][Shift][Right Arrow]. Similarly, [Ctrl][Shift][Up Arrow] and [Ctrl][Shift][Left Arrow] select the dataset’s entire column above and to the left of the selected cell, respectively. Combine the arrows for even more options. For example, press [Ctrl][Shift][Up Arrow][Right Arrow] to select everything in the dataset above and to the right of the selected cell, and so on.

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Microsoft Excel Order Of Operations

Posted on 3/1/18 2:31 PM by Get Schooled in Excel

Excel adheres to a strict order of operations when calculating formulas. Keep this order in mind when building formulas to ensure accurate results.

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Excel: The More You Know, the More You Grow

Posted on 3/1/18 3:58 AM by Get Schooled in Excel

Many observers have noted that most people who use Excel probably know about 10% of what it can do. Those who learn how to use more extract far more value from Excel and become far more valuable to their employers. Here are some directions for learning and earning more with the world’s most powerful spreadsheet.

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Turn your data range into an instant chart (Excel 2016)

Posted on 2/13/18 9:32 AM by Get Schooled in Excel

Intimidated by Excel’s chart function? You don’t have to be a whiz to get a quick, new perspective on your spreadsheet’s contents.

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Tired of Your Excel Color Scheme? Change It!

Posted on 9/9/14 3:00 PM by Get Schooled in colors, in Excel, in Microsoft, in tips and tricks, in Tips & Tricks, in Windows 2010

Give Excel a new color scheme.

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Eight Time-Saving Excel Shortcuts

Posted on 8/13/14 7:05 AM by Get Schooled in Excel, in excel keyboard shortcuts, in excel shortcuts, in Microsoft, in Office, in Tips & Tricks

Excel has a lot of useful shortcuts that perform various tasks. The more you know, the more time you can save.

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Recover Unsaved Workbooks

Posted on 4/28/14 12:51 PM by Get Schooled in Excel, in Microsoft, in Recover workbooks, in Tips & Tricks, in windows

We've all done it before. You forget to save a workbook, you accidentally save it when you should have saved it as a different name, or maybe you lose work because of that rare power outage. Whatever the case, there's no need to panic. With Excel 2010, you can quickly and easily recover older (unsaved) versions of your workbook.

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How to switch sheets in Excel using shortcuts

Posted on 1/7/14 3:09 PM by Get Schooled in Excel, in keyboard shortcuts, in Microsoft, in shortcuts, in Tips & Tricks

A simple way to switch sheets, even though most of us probably use the mouse, you can just press Ctrl+Page Down and it will get you there super fast.

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