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Stay on the lookout for your own Snowden nemesis

Posted on 3/11/14 3:33 PM by Get Schooled in edward snowden, in IT News, in it tips, in nsa, in security, in protect your data, in Tips & Tricks

Whether you think of Edward Snowden as a hero or a traitor, one thing's clear: It's critical to protect your own organization's data, so you may want to learn what the NSA did wrong that allowed Snowden to gather and disseminate top secret information. According to various reports (e.g.,, Snowden used web crawler software to scrape the classified secrets he wanted. Amazingly, he was caught with this software, but no effective action was taken, even though he was confronted a few times about his activities. Being a contractor at a facility that was last to get state-of-the-art security measures implemented, he was able to fall through the cracks. Afterwards, it was found that the software he used to glean information contained saved settings to scan for various forms of top-secret information.

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