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PowerPoint Video Tip: Reusing Slides

Posted on 3/6/19 3:02 PM by Get Schooled in designing powerpoint slides, in video, in Power Point, in powerpoint, in powerpoint slides, in tips & tricks powerpoint



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A simple way to keep slide objects in line when moving them in PowerPoint

Posted on 12/10/13 8:31 PM by Get Schooled in designing powerpoint slides, in Microsoft, in powerpoint slides, in Tips & Tricks, in tips & tricks powerpoint

When designing a slide, you often have to rearrange objects as you introduce a new design. And if you ever needed to move an object in only one direction (either horizontally or vertically, but not both), then you know that it can be a real pain in the neck using the mouse. If you select the object and drag it using your mouse, no matter how careful you are, usually the object shifts slightly in an unintended direction. Alternately, you can select the object and move it using the arrow keys to keep the object in line, but if you need to move the object clear across the slide, then this is an impractical and time-consuming method.

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