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Create Interesting Photo Effects with Multiple Frames in InDesign

Posted on 10/7/14 12:19 PM by Get Schooled in design, in Adobe, in adobe indesign, in photo effects, in Photos, in Tips & Tricks

Photoshop isn't the only program that lets you create interesting image effects. There is a clever way to import a single photo into multiple picture frames in InDesign that will give you a really cool look.

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Career Focus Tip #2: Networking Career

Posted on 5/25/12 9:16 AM by Get Schooled in Brian Parker, in Career Development, in Certifications, in Cisco, in design, in Guest Blogger, in Guest Bloggers, in IT Career, in network telephony, in Networks, in security

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Photoshop CS4's Accessibility Features

Posted on 6/19/09 10:52 AM by Get Schooled in accessibility, in design, in color blindness, in Photoshop CS4, in Tips & Tricks

Any amount of color blindness hinders the ability for viewers to discern between certain colors in your designs. Therefore, what looks like a different color to most people simply blends into the background for those with color-deficient vision. Photoshop CS4 makes it easier to make your web and print designs accessible to those with differing degrees of color blindness.

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