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Insert a custom sheet template in Excel

Posted on 3/2/10 5:15 PM by Get Schooled in custom, in Excel, in Microsoft, in New Horizons Computer Learning Center, in Tips & Tricks

When you insert a worksheet using the Insert | Worksheet menu command, Excel automatically bases the new sheet on the default template. However, you may not want to insert just a blank worksheet. For instance, say your company uses a special Project Tracking template. A workbook is dedicated to each client and there could be several project worksheets in each workbook. Instead of inserting a blank sheet, you want to insert a blank Project Tracking form. Fortunately, you can select what template Excel uses to create a new worksheet. Instead of using the menu command, right-click on a worksheet tab (or [control]-click on a Mac) and then choose Insert from the shortcut menu. The Insert dialog box appears, displaying your PC's templates. Simply select the appropriate one and click OK.

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