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Create a strong focal point in Photoshop with "selective color"

Posted on 6/19/09 11:01 AM by Get Schooled in CS, in CS2, in CS3, in focal point, in selective color, in Adobe, in photoshop, in Tips & Tricks

Oftentimes you’ll want to draw viewers’ attention to just a portion of your image. One way to enhance your image’s focal point is to isolate that portion of your image’s color. We’ve got a quick-andeasy technique you can use so that just the important elements of your photo really stand out, such as the barn shown in Figure A.
To selectively isolate an image’s color:
1. Launch Photoshop and open any image or open our sample file.
2. Select the area you want to isolate from the rest of the image. If you’re working with our sample image,
create a path around the barn and tree with the Pen tool. Tip: Make sure you select the Paths button on the tool Options bar before you make your path.
3. Click the Load Path As Selection button located at the base of the Paths palette. Alternatively, you can choose Make Selection from the Paths palette pop-up menu, and then click OK in the resulting dialog box to accept the default settings.
4. Choose Select > Inverse. 5. Press [Ctrl][Shift]U or choose Image > Adjustments > Desaturate. The unselected area retains its color, and the selected area appears as though it’s grayscale.

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