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Create Heroes – Making Cloud Make Sense for Your Company

Posted on 12/27/17 1:40 PM by Get Schooled in cloud computing


It’s a tiny word, but one that most people love to hear directed at them. Here’s an example:

“Is it just me, or does it seem like everything on our network is working faster and better?”

            “Yes, everything is running faster lately.”

“Did we add something? I don’t remember authorizing more budget for IT.”

            “Actually, we’re spending lots less than before.”

“What?? We’re spending less and it’s working better?”


“Is that even possible?”



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Cloud Security and You

Posted on 9/29/17 9:49 AM by Get Schooled in cloud computing

You’re wrong. If you think cloud computing is making it impossible for you to find a job working in IT security, you’re wrong.

From the beginning of the Cloud’s phenomenal growth, data and network security has been a primary concern holding users back from adopting. There was this odd impression that the data being outside the four walls of the company’s facilities would somehow make them more vulnerable. In fact, the common denominator of having an internet connection whether into your own facility or a cloud facility made them equally vulnerable.

The deciding factor is really financial in nature. Who can afford to invest more in data and network security for their data? You, or a major cloud services provider like AWS, Microsoft, or IBM Softlayer? No contest.

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OpenStack for all Data Centers

Posted on 12/20/13 10:34 AM by Get Schooled in cloud computing

A common misconception is that OpenStack computing is something used for the companies that have or need services in the “Cloud”. This is actually far from the truth. Any company with a datacenter of more than 4 servers could benefit from implementing some form of the OpenStack Architecture. A way of looking at OpenStack is that it is an Enterprise Operating system. It allows companies to mix vendor hardware to meet their needs, instead of being locked into what a specific vendor tells them they need, right in their own shop. There is not the security worry of data being stored off-site, because it never leaves the building.

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Demand for "Cloud-ready" IT workers continues to grow

Posted on 1/23/13 3:27 PM by Get Schooled in Career Development, in Certifications, in cloud, in cloud computing, in experience, in IT, in IT Career, in IT News, in jobs, in MCSA, in Microsoft, in technology, in training

In a Microsoft-sponsored skills gap study, IDC examined the correlation between the growth of cloud computing and the need for certified, trained, "cloud-ready" professionals to provide support for a rapidly changing technology environment.

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