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Go Beyond Tech – Learn Blockchain!

Posted on 12/3/18 8:00 AM by Get Schooled in Blockchain

Go Beyond Tech – Learn Blockchain!When you write a check, sign a contract, make a bank deposit or a withdrawal, you’re doing something the same way it’s been done for decades. These are among the most sensitive things we do because they each involve our financial health. We want assurance that the transaction is completed, but we also want complete privacy. You would think, in our age of digital transformation, that we would have found a far better way to use technology to provide these and other assurances.

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Build Your Next Career on Blockchain

Posted on 11/13/18 9:16 AM by Get Schooled in Blockchain

The International Standards Organization (ISO) published a seven-layered Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) model that helps people understand how internetworking actually works. Often, when first introduced to the ISO/OSI model people ask where ‘Security’ fits in. The answer explains why so many students, returning adults and veterans choose to focus on security when creating their training plan.

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