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The Expanded Universe of Open Source on Azure

Posted on 3/1/18 3:05 AM by Get Schooled in Azure

After decades of open warfare on Open Systems, Microsoft has made it very clear that Azure loves Open Source and is an ideal platform for building your Open Systems environments. Here’s how this broadens the horizon for you, your employer, your clients, and the IT community.

Novell. Lotus. Linux. Open Source. Across the history of Microsoft, these were the well-known nemeses. The first two have faded into relative obscurity, but Linux and Open Source have taken a different path.

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Azure: An Ever-Evolving Platform

Posted on 2/1/18 2:15 PM by Get Schooled in Azure

With the sheer number of new Azure subscriptions being sold every month, the odds are always increasing that the next job you take will have you working on the Microsoft Azure platform. Beyond learning how to manage resources in the world’s most popular cloud, you’ll also need to learn how to keep up with the rapid pace of advancement in this industry-leading environment.

Make the “learning curve” your friend.

Many consider the learning curve to be the great big hurdle between their company and getting value out of their latest investments in information management. They love all the features and capabilities, but know that they first have to have someone learn how to use all of them before they start returning on the investment.

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