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Design your site to Avoid Spam

Posted on 2/7/11 12:34 AM by Get Schooled in avoid spam, in New Horizons Computer Learning Center, in web design, in sample code, in Tips & Tricks

Get unlimited email accounts
Most Web hosting services provide an option to allow for unlimited email from that domain. This option is a great tool in managing spam. The key is to set up the mail so that anything incorrectly addressed to the domain is forwarded to your email address. Then, when you need to use your email address to register for a Web service, use an address like Since there wouldn't be an account for that address, it would automatically be routed to your standard email address. When you begin seeing email addressed to you'll not only know that the email address has been nabbed up by those pesky marketers, but you'll also know where they got the address from. You can then set up a rule in your mail client to remove the mail before it ever begins to bloat your mailbox.

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