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Posted on 4/2/15 1:58 PM by Get Schooled in Ask The Expert, in Events, in Events & Webinars, in security, in SpecTECHular, in Tips & Tricks

Let's Talk!

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Which Language? C, C++, SQL?

Posted on 5/11/10 3:28 PM by Get Schooled in Ask The Expert, in C, in Coding, in Java, in SQL, in PL

When performing intense calculations, an obvious language choice is C or C++. However, PL/SQL is a natural choice for logic that interacts heavily with database data. If all you need to do is add or multiply a few large numbers, there's no reason you can't leverage the appropriate algorithms to perform the arithmetic in PL/SQL and still get good performance.

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Forge a path and leave a trail

Posted on 10/9/09 4:01 PM by Get Schooled in Ask The Expert, in Guest Bloggers, in inspiration, in New Horizons Computer Learning Center

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Avoid using split tunneling in your VPN connections

Posted on 9/9/09 3:21 PM by Get Schooled in Ask The Expert, in split tunneling, in split tunnelling, in VPN

Virtual private networking (VPN) protocols allow users to establish a secure tunnel to your internal corporate LAN through the internet. However, a VPN feature called split tunneling can pose a threat to the security of your internal network.

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What is the best computer for seniors?

Posted on 7/12/09 3:19 PM by Get Schooled in Ask The Expert, in desktops, in laptops, in seniors

We recently received a question directed to us via our Twitter account, @NHAustin from a user called @Carebuzz:

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How to Authenticate Your Email and Other E-Documents

Posted on 7/6/09 12:53 PM by Get Schooled in Ask The Expert, in freeware, in Tips & Tricks

Electronic documents and email messages are a common way to conduct business transactions, but it’s important to be able to verify that the author of a document or message is really the person he or she claims to be.

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