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Insert a hyperlink to create an interactive PDF (Acrobat DC)

Posted on 11/27/17 9:09 AM by Get Schooled in acrobat

Adding interactivity to your PDF files will enhance the user experience, and one of the easiest ways you can do this is to add hyperlinks. Hyperlinks can consist of a web URL or a link to another page in the PDF file. To add a hyperlink, open the PDF file, and then choose Edit PDF from the panel on the right. Acrobat DC opens the Edit tools. Click on the Link option, and choose Add/Edit Web or Document Link. Click and drag over an area in the PDF, and then set your specified options in the resulting Create Link dialog box. Click Next and follow the prompts in the resulting dialog box based on the hyperlink type you choose. Click OK when you’re done, and then click the X on the right side of the tools window to close it. Now your PDF should have a usable hyperlink!

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