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Spectacular Opportunities Abound at SpecTECHular

New Horizons SpecTECHularOn October 11, 2019, the 11th Annual SpecTECHular New Horizons Virtual Summit will deliver more valuable guidance and insight than ever before. 25% more tracks than last year featuring education workshops covering everything from information technology and security, to end-user applications, to professional development. Those seeking spectacular IT careers will gain incredible insight from this celebrated one-day free technology virtual event!

Growth! If there’s one thing most everybody wants it’s growth. Career growth. Skills growth. Opportunity growth. We want to learn more, be able to do more, and be able to earn more; financial growth!!

That is exactly what SpecTECHular has been all about for the past eleven years. This 2019 edition of SpecTECHular is bigger than ever. Last year we offered nine tracks. This year brings 12 timely, relevant tracks for attendees to choose from:

  • Understanding Certifications
  • Business Apps
  • Security
  • IT Service Management
  • Cloud
  • Open Source
  • Developer
  • Leadership & Development
  • Keys to Professional Success
  • Data Intelligence
  • Excel
  • DevOps

All told, there are 90 online sessions available to attend during this full-day event. Nowhere will you find more information accessible from wherever you are that day. Attend from your easy chair, the beach, your favorite coffee shop. Just slip in your pods or put on your headset, point your browser at, and find hundreds of opportunities to grow.

“As drivers and innovators of technology and career education, New Horizons is excited to offer such an opportunity!” says Jamie Fiely, president of New Horizons.

Who better to host an event like SpecTECHular bringing not only the technology training but also the professional career development education, funding sources, and all the other services offered by New Horizons?

Graduates, Veterans, Adults Returning to the Job Market – This is for You, too!

High-school graduates find a great alternative to formal four-year college degrees by attending as little as six months of training at New Horizons, who also bring plentiful job-hunting support. Veterans coming home from their honored service find opportunity to leverage what they’ve learned and apply it to a truly rewarding career. Parents whose children have grown find their way back to the job market.

SpecTECHular is truly a spectacular way for all of these and more to begin their journey to the growth they seek. Tour through this virtual event and learn about all the choices that are available to you and exactly how to get started.

Begin at the Beginning

Visit to review the dozen tracks available this year, and all the sessions contained within each. Map out your own path making sure you see as much as possible of what you want to learn more about. You’ll find useful descriptions of each to help you determine which make the most sense for you.

Along with the Certificate of Attendance, you’ll receive a copy of the recording of the session the very next day for your continued study. You’ll also have access to recordings of the sessions you couldn’t get to.

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