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Share adjustment layers with multiple images and save time (Photoshop CS5/CS6/CC)

Share adjustment layers with multiple images and save time (Photoshop CS5/CS6/CC)If you’ve ever needed to apply the same adjustment layer to multiple images, you may have gotten frustrated opening each one, adding the adjustment layer(s) and configuring the settings. For example, maybe you have a batch of images all shot under the same lighting that need the same Exposure adjustment. You don’t have to configure each one individually, because there’s a more clever way to accomplish this: Drag the adjustment layer from one image to another to copy it. Open the first image, add an adjustment layer, and configure the settings. Next, open a second image and arrange the two image windows side by side. Then, with the original image active, click the adjustment layer from the layers panel, and drag and drop it on the second open image. Repeat for each image to which you want to apply the adjustment!

Posted on 1/22/19 12:01 AM by Get Schooled in photoshop, in Adobe Photoshop

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