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Why Human Resources Certification is Booming

Posted on 9/10/19 10:06 AM by Get Schooled in Human Resource Training, in Human Resources, in SHRM Certification, in SHRM Training, in HR

If you’re a “people person” this will be good news for you.

According to G2 Crowd, “The global human resource management (HRM) sector is projected to reach $30 billion by 2025. In other words, the business of creating innovative HR solutions is booming. HR, an industry comprising professionals that have been historically overburdened with the complicated processes of managing the lifecycle of every employee, is currently experiencing a deluge of innovation.”

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Become Part of Impacting $Trillions of Business Revenue

Posted on 9/9/19 1:20 PM by Get Schooled in Red Hat, in RHEL, in RHEL 8

You’d assume that the headline to this post would be a joke, or at least an exaggeration. But it comes from one of the most reliable analytical agencies in the business, IDC, right there in the title of a May 2019 paper, “The Economic Impact of Red Hat Enterprise Linuxa (RHEL 8): Trillions, Yes Trillions, of Dollars

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Certification Exams Tips and Tricks

Posted on 8/26/19 8:02 AM by Get Schooled in Certifications

Test Prep 2


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Spectacular Opportunities Abound at SpecTECHular

Posted on 8/8/19 10:24 AM by Get Schooled in Business Skills, in cloud, in IT security, in SpecTECHular, in data research, in open source, in ITSM, in Red Hat, in Center for Leadership and Development

On October 11, 2019, the 11th Annual SpecTECHular New Horizons Virtual Summit will deliver more valuable guidance and insight than ever before. 25% more tracks than last year featuring education workshops covering everything from information technology and security, to end-user applications, to professional development. Those seeking spectacular IT careers will gain incredible insight from this celebrated one-day free technology virtual event!

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Taking Advantage of the Skills Gap

Posted on 7/28/19 3:04 PM by Get Schooled

Recent magazine articles on the IT skills gap say that anywhere from a quarter million to several million open job requisitions are out there waiting to be filled. This creates ongoing tremendous opportunity not only for those entering the job market, but also for those who are already employed in IT but want more! This discussion highlights the skills training and certifications that best prepare you to land one of these millions of great jobs.

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The Difference Between ITIL and ITSM

Posted on 7/28/19 2:33 PM by Get Schooled in ITIL, in ITSM

If you’ve been confused trying to figure out whether you should study ITSM or ITIL, you’ve come to the right place. The answer is “yes!” Let us explain.




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Why You Want Certification in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Posted on 7/28/19 1:51 PM by Get Schooled in aws, in amazon

“Amazon Web Services continues to dominate a global cloud-infrastructure services industry that hit almost $70 billion last year, grabbing a market share equivalent to that of the next four public cloud providers combined.”

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Focus Your Career with Role-Based Training

Posted on 7/28/19 1:47 PM by Get Schooled in Azure, in Microsoft Role Based Certifications

One of the most powerful advantages of Azure is role-based access control which makes it easy to identify everyone and provide them exactly what they need. Given how huge Azure is, the same philosophy should be applied to the training it takes to make you an effective Azure professional. Beyond Azure, Microsoft is now revising its entire approach to role-based training to make learning paths easier to define. Which path will you choose? Here’s some insight into the choices.

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What are Microservices and Why are they becoming so popular?

Posted on 6/12/19 3:00 PM by Get Schooled

Traditional monolithic software is generally a singular large block of code. When anything goes wrong it can bring the entire application down. New cloud-based applications are assemblies of small microservices that are each called upon when needed. If one should develop a problem the software simply discards it and re-instantiates another one. Microservice-based software is therefore far more resilient, far more transportable, and far more flexible. This is where all coding is going.

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Business Analysis Certification: What is it, and how it can impact your business or career?

Posted on 6/12/19 3:00 PM by Get Schooled in Center for Leadership and Development, in BA, in Business Analysis

Business Analysis: What is it, and how it can impact your business or career?It is said that effectiveness is doing things right. Efficiency is doing the right things!

Applied to your career, all the technology skills you may have acquired through training and experience prepare you to do things right. To resolve anomalies and other problems that arise in any technology installation or environment. That’s incredibly valuable to your clients or your company’s clients.

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