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Offer your input to make Acrobat better (Acrobat DC)

Offer your input to make Acrobat better (Acrobat DC)Everyone has an opinion, and believe it or not, Adobe actually wants to hear yours! Specifically, the company is interested in any buggy behavior you’ve encountered while working with Acrobat DC. Plus, it would like to see your pitch for a new dream feature—after all, that’s how many new features come into existence! Whichever the case, there’s an easy way to access this input vehicle right from Acrobat. On the top right corner of the window is a Share Feedback button (it looks like a chat icon with three dots). Just click on it to launch your default browser and go to From this webpage, you can report a bug or make a new feature request. You can also peruse other users’ requests and see the status of those requests. Play a part in Acrobat’s future and consider submitting your request, too!

Posted on 12/3/18 8:20 AM by Get Schooled in acrobat

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