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Learn All You Can Learn with Training Subscription

Learn All You Can Learn with Training SubscriptionWhen you create your own curriculum specifically responsive to your needs you accelerate your progress toward superior skills. Remove all the obstacles and clear the path with Training Subscription, a program designed to give you the choice of when, where, and what you want to learn. Here's how.


Training is one of your tools, a tool which enables you to do a far better job of whatever you do. The challenge is that the specific training you want may be just a small portion of a larger training course, or classes may not fit your schedule, and you may feel you need more training than available course curricula allow.

Unlimited Training Your Way

It is often said that it’s not the tool as much as it is the craftsperson who uses it, and how they use it. Now you take control of the tool that is your training and craft the sequence of experiences that will most quickly and most effectively lead you to success. We call it the Training Subscription.

When you purchase a Training Subscription you take control over your own training path:

  • You pick the courses you want to take, or even individual classes within courses that focus in on specifically what you need most to learn.
  • You take as many classes as you want as often as you want for the duration of your subscription.
  • You enjoy immediate access to new courses as they are introduced.

There are three specialized programs designed for today’s professional:

Office Star

Designed for those who are working in an office environment, the Office Star subscription includes training in over 30 Microsoft products and Adobe Acrobat DC.

Design Wiz

Designed for the high creatives who work in any of the many design industries, the Design Wiz subscription includes over 50 Microsoft Office and Adobe application courses.

Total Bundle

Some roles span the gamut of administrative, management, clerical, and creative tasks. Those occupying these unique roles will appreciate the Total Bundle subscription which offers self-controlled training in over 70 Microsoft and Adobe applications.

The Bottom Line – “All You Can Learn” Pricing

Control often comes at a cost. In this case, however, the cost is lower. Much lower. Choose a three-month, six-month, or twelve-month subscription:

For the Design Wiz or Total Bundle subscription you’ll pay only:

$995 for a three-month subscription

$1495 for a six-month subscription

$1895 for a twelve-month subscription

For the Office Star subscription you’ll pay:

$595 for a three-month subscription

$995 for a six-month subscription

$1295 for a twelve-month subscription

Were you to take two individual Microsoft classes you’d pay more than the price of the three-month Office Star subscription, which offers you All You Can Learn courses during your subscription. Undeniable, unbelievable value.

Don’t Just Grab the Opportunity. Subscribe to it!

When you think about how many classes you could take in three to twelve months, calculate the total cost of that and compare that to a Training Subscription you see just how enormous your savings can be.

Sharpen your tool. Use a Training Subscription to accelerate your personal and professional growth. Learn more at or speak to your New Horizons counselor today!



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