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Google Cloud Platform Certification – Highest Paying of 2019

Google Cloud Platform Certification – Highest Paying of 2019You read that right. According to Google, their Professional Cloud Architect certification is the highest paying certification of 2019.

Google Cloud is a hyperscale network of servers and services that many companies and individuals use to build and run applications. Unlike the competition, Google Cloud billing is extraordinarily granular, billing per second instead of per minute for resources utilized. Those needing to scale globally or run sophisticated analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data applications requiring massive storage appreciate the cost efficiencies and facilities available on the Google Cloud Platform.

Plenty to Learn, Plenty to Do

This partial list of Google Cloud Platform services vividly illustrates the wide variety of skills needed and available for you to train on:

As with many vendor curricula, Google has structured their program to provide an excellent growth path.

The first step is Associate certification, focused on the fundamental skills involved in deploying, monitoring, and maintaining Google Cloud projects. This level conveys the certification of Cloud Engineer.

The Professional certification program is where all the growth occurs. Here you can specialize and certify as a Collaboration Engineer, Cloud Network Engineer, Cloud Security Engineer, Cloud DevOps Engineer, Data Engineer, Cloud Developer and Cloud Architect. Combine these to extend your skill set and make yourself eligible for a wider and wider variety of opportunities.


Achieve Certainty to Guide Your Growth

Some may find that list of available certifications somewhat daunting, but fear not. Help is readily available.

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers is a Google Cloud Platform Authorized Training Partner offering training from the fundamentals to the most advanced levels of expertise.

Your journey begins with a conversation with your New Horizons Career Counselor who will help you evaluate your own skills, your own preferences, and lead you to the growth path that suits you best. All the training you need to earn your certifications is available from New Horizons, along with the excellent host of post-certification support advantages you’ve come to expect from New Horizons.

To get started on your path to Google Cloud Platform certification, contact New Horizons today. The path you start down is long and filled with opportunities for advancement and greater rewards.


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