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Get Proactive about Getting More Cloud Training – Make Your Case!

Get Proactive about Getting More Cloud Training – Make Your Case!You need to expand your knowledge and add new skills to improve your ability to work in the cloud.

Your company wants to make more money, and since you’re employed by them it is their hope that you will contribute to generating more of that money.

This is important to remember as you think about the technology training you want and need to expand your skills to work in the cloud. You’re hoping that your company will send you for that training, but you should also remember that hope is not a strategy!

Consider Yourself an Investment

Your company thinks of funding your training as an investment, an investment in you. As with all investments, the company must expect a return on that investment. They owe that to their stakeholders. It is their fiduciary responsibility to create that return.

When you want your company to invest in you and send you to cloud training it often isn’t enough to just ask them to do so. You need to be more persuasive.

The best way to be more persuasive with anyone is to speak in their language. With a business like the one you work for, it’s best to speak the language of business. Create and submit a business case for your own cloud training.

Building Your Business Case for Training

A business case is actually a very simple document consisting of two parts. The first part describes what the company will receive as a return on their investment. At the end you specify the investment required.

Many people get this backward and present the investment first. There are two great reasons not to:

  • The executive reading your plan may stop at the investment saying it is just too much, no matter how much or little it may be.
  • Everybody’s first priority is to find out what’s in it for them. It’s human nature. By starting with their return you play to this reality!

Depending upon where your company is in it’s transition to the cloud your business case may focus on two major themes:

  • If your company is early in its transition you can describe the benefits they’ll enjoy as they accelerate that migration leveraging your increase capabilities. Focus on operational cost savings, eliminating capital investments in equipment in favor of a monthly expense that is easier to forecast and budget, increased resilience assuring greater continuity of business, and sustainability from reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

Even if the company is far along and deeply invested in cloud your increased skills still translate into more efficiency and deeper utilization of all these cloud advantages.

  • The second focus must be the opportunity to enjoy a greater return on the company’s investment in your employment. Talk about the skills you’ll gain and how you can apply them to improve operations, solve problems, and generate more savings and more revenue which are the only two ways to create profit.


Bonus: Earn Their Respect

When you submit your business case don’t be surprised if you enjoy an important bonus benefit. Your executives will very likely respect your strategy. It may take time, but that could be the beginning of their thinking about you for advancement within the company.

For more help building your case, talk to a New Horizons Career Counselor. They can help you identify the specific learning path you wish to take so you can be highly specific in your business plan. Call today.

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