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Communications TrainingThere really is nothing we do more frequently than communicate. We’re constantly communicating, not only through words but also through our facial expressions, gestures, posture, and more. Even not communicating is communicating something very important. We want and need to communicate, and most want to communicate better than they currently do. This improvement can be achieved through training.

Any statistic you’ve read about how much time people spend communicating can be considered to be wrong. When you think about it, we all communicate 100% of the time. Even when we’re not communicating, that communicates something. While that something may be a show of contempt, more often it is simply listening, half of the communication process. To this point, Peter Drucker said that, “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.”

Much More Than Speaking

Many think of communicating as simply the act of speaking, saying words. The study of paralinguistic communication shows us that speaking is only a part of the process. People receive important information from our facial expressions, where we are looking when we speak or listen, whether we maintain eye contact, gestures, posture, physical condition, and other behaviors. In the 1950’s Edward T. Hall contributed the study of proxemics. Hall’s Proxemics defines the implication of how near or far we stand to our listener when we’re speaking or listening, perhaps the first reference to the “close talker”. It is often referred to as the study of place and space. And how often have you heard someone exclaim, “You want to talk about that here? Now?”

The Implication of Importance

Agreeing that we communicate 100% of the time also implies that we communicate more than we do anything else. We had better be really good at it!

New Horizons Communication & Interpersonal Training

Fortunately, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers recognizes the importance of truly effective communication and provides extensive training to help our students improve their skills and hone them into powerful tools for success.

The Communication & Interpersonal Workplace Fundamentals curriculum dives far deeper into the study of how we convey and receive important information as efficiently as possible beginning with an overview of effective communication strategies.

During the course focus is placed on important functions including conflict resolution, creative problem solving, and negotiations. An exploration of emotional intelligence helps the student understand the motivations underlying the material and means of their communication. Learning how to influence others without the caveat of authority is part of an overall study of interpersonal communications.

Advanced Workshops

Armed with the foundation built during the Workplace Fundamentals briefings, students next participate in a series of focused advanced workshops.

The “Developing Successful Interpersonal Skills” goes much further into the skill of active listening, consciousness of your own paralinguistics and proxemics, and much more.

Beyond the interpersonal fundamentals the workshops explore areas of intention, beginning with the mastering of positive assertiveness, getting your point across without acrimony. What it means to provide outstanding customer service and how its best accomplished.

Challenging communication processes including strategic negotiation are explored as are conflict resolution and the art of delivering a truly effective presentation.

An exploration of effective writing in the business setting extends both to communications outside the organization and communications within.

The workshops conclude by putting sharp focus on one of the most important issues facing business day, navigating the modern workplace with regard to achieving diversity, inclusion both cultural and generational.

Communicate Your Intentions

To get started tuning up your most important instrument and honing your communication skills make a call to your New Horizons Career Counselor. They’ll guide you through the most effective way to take fullest advantage of these opportunities to become experts at what you do the most.


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