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Certify to Qualify for Your Dream Job

Certify to Qualify for Your Dream JobThe US Department of Defense requires IT applicants to possess a CompTIA Network Certification. More and more large organizations are recognizing the high value of IT industry certifications. How you align your Learning Plan can be your first strategic step toward the job you dream of.


The more technology diversifies, the more employers seek quality people with specific skills. Some seek storage specialists. Others are more specific, seeking certified experts on a particular manufacturer’s storage. Same for servers, switches, and other components of the network environment. Hiring managers can’t afford to make mistakes, so they seek people with certifications that correspond to their environment and their needs.

And nothing assures them of a candidate’s qualifications more than certification on their platform.

The Gig Economy

Many technology professionals are discovering greater income opportunity as freelancers in the “Gig Economy.” Loving diversity and new challenges they take on short or long term engagements rather than full employment. For them, certifications are their ticket to a broader and broader selection of engagements. In fact, many simply seek environments that match their certifications and market their services to customers they know need them.

Broader Requirements

Those seeking full employment with the security, benefits, and other advantages it offers may prefer certifications that offer them general qualification in a particular area or level of technology. CompTIA, the Computer Technology Industry Association, created programs like A+ and Network+ to provide these job seekers with a broader certification. Over a quarter million people have obtained their A+ certification. Those seeking employment with the US Department of Defense will find they need to possess the Network+ certification before they’ll be considered.

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Opportunities for Those with Non-Tech Tech Certifications

Certifications are beneficial to a much wider group than just aspiring technology professionals.

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) program, as an example, offers certifications in various components of the Microsoft Office productivity suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, SharePoint, Office 365 and more.

According to ITCareerFinder, “MOS certifications help qualify you for a variety of positions including:

  • Office Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • IT Support Technician
  • SharePoint Specialist
  • Database Specialist
  • Workbook Developer
  • Research Analyst
  • Project Coordinator”

MOS certifications are available at various levels. As a student progresses through the levels, their income potential increases. ITCareerFinder cites the following average salaries:

Ready, Aim, Certify

For those seeking career change, students graduating from high school, returning parents and returning military personnel, certification is the fastest path to a good-paying job. The question is which job.

To start answering that question, talk to a New Horizons Career Counselor. They’ll help you explore your own preferences and focus on what interests you most. Then they’ll guide you through the courses and tests you’ll need to obtain the certification that qualifies you for a job you’ll really enjoy and do well at.

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