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Business Analysis Certification: What is it, and how it can impact your business or career?

Business Analysis: What is it, and how it can impact your business or career?It is said that effectiveness is doing things right. Efficiency is doing the right things!

Applied to your career, all the technology skills you may have acquired through training and experience prepare you to do things right. To resolve anomalies and other problems that arise in any technology installation or environment. That’s incredibly valuable to your clients or your company’s clients.

Even more valuable is the ability to carefully look at the processes and operations that a company is using to conduct its business.           Why?

  • To recognize and celebrate the strengths the company has developed in its processes.
  • To evaluate performance and identify weaknesses.
  • To take full advantage of opportunities to employ new, innovative technologies to improve operations.
  • To detect and catalog threats to the operation so you can implement strong preventative measures.

Those who perform this kind of business analysis refer to this as a SWOT analysis, just a part of the extensive methodologies and practices that are the tools of the business analyst.

Broaden Your Prospects

Author Simon Sinek wrote a book called “Start With Why” in which he suggests that most people know what they’re doing, and how to do it, but often forget why they’re doing it. Sinek’s suggestion is to begin with why, with figuring out why you’re going to do what you’re going to do. Once you have a firm understanding of why you can begin to determine how to do it by which time you’ll know what to do.

This strategy can be applied to anyone who has been acquiring technical skills. You qualify for many job opportunities in which you must know how to do something and what to do. Many job opportunities.

When you have the ability to truly analyze a business, inventory its assets, define its user communities, reveal its real needs and establish its goals and objectives, you are focusing on that business’ “why.”

This qualifies you for a far broader, and far higher-order and higher-paying selection of positions. While each opportunity has its own particular how and what, some of which you qualify for, literally all opportunities have a why, and your training in business analysis qualifies you for all of them.

The Greater Geshtalt

You get a “greater geshtalt” when the value of the end product you produce is greater than the sum of its parts.

Studying business analysis creates you as a greater geshtalt. When you add your analytical abilities to your technology skills you become a go-to resource that executives will want to consult to help them improve their business, increase their revenue, reduce their costs, streamline their operations. Not only will you help them determine their needs, you’ll also design the technology systems that will help achieve them.

You become the end-to-end business technology professional.

To begin developing yourself into a more powerful professional talk to a New Horizons Career Counselor today.

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