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Become Part of Impacting $Trillions of Business Revenue

Become Part of Impacting $Trillions of Business RevenueYou’d assume that the headline to this post would be a joke, or at least an exaggeration. But it comes from one of the most reliable analytical agencies in the business, IDC, right there in the title of a May 2019 paper, “The Economic Impact of Red Hat Enterprise Linuxa (RHEL 8): Trillions, Yes Trillions, of Dollars

Some of the bullets from this report are riveting, and very compelling to IT professionals who wish to further their careers in the most valuable directions:

  • The software and applications running on RHEL will "touch" $10 trillion of business revenue this year and grow at twice the rate of the economy. Business revenue will top $188 trillion.

In your next job, would you prefer to work on a platform that’s growing at twice the rate of the economy? How much of that $10 Trillion would you like to see your work touching?

  • The RHEL ecosystem will make more than $82 billion this year and will grow to $119 billion in 2023 with a CAGR of 11.5%. For every dollar of revenue made by Red Hat in 2019, the ecosystem will make $21.74.

Other software companies used to brag when $1 of their product revenue generated $4 in services. RHEL promises five times that. If you’re looking to focus your work on a platform poised for growth, IDC’s numbers suggest that RHEL is it!

  • This year, Red Hat and its ecosystem will employ nearly 900,000 workers, and among customers, the IT professionals who work with the software, hardware, and services stacked on RHEL will number more than 1.7 million.

Which of these 2.6 million positions would you like to occupy?

On its website, Red Hat calls RHEL 8 “The intelligent OS for hybrid cloud,” saying you will, “Migrate workloads across environments with the operating system (OS) engineered for the hybrid cloud. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 gives organizations a consistent OS across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. It provides version choice, long life-cycle commitments, a robust ecosystem of certified hardware, software, and cloud partners, and now comes with built-in management and predictive analytics.”

For Infrastructure Experts

For those who are platform-focused, Red Hat explains, “Choice leads to innovation, but tying together the right hardware architectures, microchip components, and container platforms to effectively deploy emerging technologies requires the right enterprise-grade Linux. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is supported across architectures and environments, so you have a consistent and stable OS that adapts along the way to machine learning, predictive analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, and big data workloads.”

For Developers

For the development community, Red Hat assures, “Your apps never stop. Neither will your OS. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, you can spend more time delivering business value and less time manually managing the underlying infrastructure. Quickly on-board non-Linux users using the web console, easily update apps using application streams, and stay focused on compliance and security with the built-in controls of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.”

For Microsoft Experts

At the May 2019 Red Hat Summit in Boston, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced a new joint program being offered by a partnership of Microsoft & Red Hat called Azure Red Hat OpenShift. Nadella who has been claiming that Microsoft “loves” Linux since 2014, explained, “We have to be a bit more humble and say, 'Okay, how do we bring value to the table with great technologies coming from a lot of places?'" He also explained that “Microsoft has embraced open source because it's driven by what I believe is fundamentally what our customers expect for us to do." Which is to say: Doing what's best for both companies' customers.”

Azure Red Hat OpenShift combines Red Hat enterprise Kubernetes running on RHEL 8 with Microsoft’s Azure cloud service. Want to find yourself playing in that field?

Talk to New Horizons

RHEL 8 opens you to a broad new world of capabilities and functionality that you will not only benefit from learning, you’ll really enjoy working in it. To take the first step on your path talk to your New Horizons Career Counselor today!

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