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Scrum – When You’re Really Not Sure What You’re Doing

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ITIL 4: Which Way Will You Grow?

It Begins with a need: What is DevOps?

Understanding the Agile Manifesto

Highlighting National CyberSecurity Awareness Month Themes: Protect IT

Highlighting National CyberSecurity Awareness Month Themes: Secure IT

Test-Taking-Tips from New Horizons Instructors

Highlighting National CyberSecurity Awareness Month Themes: Own IT

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Making National CyberSecurity Awareness Month Your Own

Microsoft's SATV Program to Retire

Why Human Resources Certification is Booming

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Certification Exams Tips and Tricks

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Taking Advantage of the Skills Gap

The Difference Between ITIL and ITSM

Why You Want Certification in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Focus Your Career with Role-Based Training

What are Microservices and Why are they becoming so popular?

Business Analysis Certification: What is it, and how it can impact your business or career?

What are Containers and Why do I want to learn about them?

Lean Six Sigma Certification: Return on Investment

Why, What, and How of getting a PMP Certification

What is ITIL?

Setting SMART Goals

360 Degrees of Feedback

Establishing Performance Goals

Red Hat Ansible Training Courses and Learning Paths

Adobe Illustrator CC Video Tip: Pathfinder Tool

Adobe Photoshop CC Video Tip: Content Aware Fill

Certify to Qualify for Your Dream Job

Windows Server 2008/SQL Server 2008 End of Support: Don’t Repeat the Mistakes of the Past

PowerPoint Video Tip: Reusing Slides

Microsoft Excel Video Tip: Flash Fill

Learn All You Can Learn with Training Subscription

Microsoft Excel Video Tip: Moving Columns

You did WHAT with Excel?

Infographic: Where are you on the ITIL Learning Journey?

Infographic: Seven Guiding Principles of ITIL 4

The Data Journey – Path to Your Future?

Count your clicks to fine-tune text selections (InDesign CS5/CS6/CC)

Zoom in and out while painting and never skip a beat! (Photoshop CS5/CS6/CC)

Share adjustment layers with multiple images and save time (Photoshop CS5/CS6/CC)

Change your slides’ orientation (PowerPoint 2016/2013)

Get Proactive about Getting More Cloud Training – Make Your Case!

The Problem is… what happens when it starts to grow?

Deselect a cell without starting over with your selection (Excel 2016)

Put the MySQL driver to bed and start using PDO to modernize PHP (PHP)

Fetch items from a collection using ‘Yield’ instead of Temporary Collections (C#/.Net)

Let the Blend tool calculate your next color palette (Illustrator CS5/CS6/CC)

Select a layer quickly with this shortcut (Photoshop CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017)

For your eyes only: Customize your document’s page color to reduce eye strain (Word 2016)

Find helpful worksheet data displayed onscreen (Excel 2016)

Use GETDATE() to pull a Monday-to-Sunday report no matter when it’s created (SQL Server)

Keep flat folder structure and metadata with Column default value settings (SharePoint)

Master using the Dodge and Burn tools with these key commands (Photoshop CS5/CS6/CC)

Offer your input to make Acrobat better (Acrobat DC)

2019 Top Ten Tech Forecast

Single Source of Truth: Levels of ITIL Certification

Go Beyond Tech – Learn Blockchain!

Effective Communication: Barriers and Strategies

Build Your Next Career on Blockchain

20 Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Use ALT+F1 when highlighting a table for a quick list and column definition (SQL Server)

Manage many ports more easily and reliably with stacked switches (CISCO)

Engage users with an elegantly simple background zoom (CSS)

Configure wireless guest access with anchor controller (CISCO)

Get a "weather forecast" of global traffic from Cisco (CISCO)

‘Bulletproof’ your background images for HTML emails (HTML)

Increase the inset spacing to pad text set in Area Type objects (Illustrator CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017)

Don’t allow users to resize forms (Access 2016/2013/2010)

Convert units of measurement within your data (Excel 2016/2013/2010)

Fix form mistakes quickly with these handy keyboard shortcuts (Access 2016/2013/2010)

Call on your Editor to improve your writing and word choice (Word 2016)

Automatically fill text elements with placeholder text (Illustrator CC 2017)

Improve website readability with strategic content display (Web Design)

Shorten IF/ELSE constructions with ternary operators (PHP)

Use Control Panel to install .NET 3.5 on Windows 10 (Windows 10)

Override master page elements to modify certain pages (InDesign CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017)

Lay a strong security foundation with complete network visibility (Networks)

Security in the Context of the Entire Network

Millions of Rewarding Jobs: Educating for a Career in Cybersecurity

Safeguarding the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure

Internet Safety for Work

National CyberSecurity Awareness Month:Make Your Home a Haven for Online Safety

Control broken fragments with box-decoration-break (CSS)

Add new functionality to the default IDE with extensions (Visual Studio)

Efficiently populate Word documents with SharePoint data (SharePoint)

Going out of office? Use the Assistant instead of an auto-reply rule (Exchange Server)

Discovering Your Leadership Voice

Translate document text into another language (Word 2016)

Filter your table in a snap with slicers (Excel 2016)

Balance ragged lines of text with this simple setting (InDesign CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017)

Use the Rotate View tool for more fluent image editing (Photoshop CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017)

Mac users: Don’t run Windows VM for .NET work; instead find a Windows machine (.NET)

Use a Mediator instead of a Command Bus for superior code (PHP)

Getting Ready for National CyberSecurity Awareness Month

Attend SpecTECHular – The Search Engine for Your Career

CompTIA  Launches PenTest+

Adjust settings to stop Outlook from requesting logon credentials (Exchange Server)

Split large SQL files for data that can be successfully uploaded (SQL Server)

Redirect “Page Not Found” misdirect with error handling (PHP)

Use basic HTML to add a title or caption to the top of GridView control (.NET)

The 10 Steps to Planning a Successful Office 365 Deployment

Cisco Careers – The Fundamentals, Networking & CyberSecurity, Are Still Most Important

Display a live Twitter Feed in an HTML email by automating a dynamic image (HTML)

Overlay text on images with CSS to increase site optimization (Web Design)

Check security logs to verify unauthorized physical login attempts (Windows 10)

Go into CONFIG mode to successfully clear ACL hit count with command (CISCO)

Communicating Across Your Organization

Enable Smoothing for greater brush painting control (Photoshop 2018)

Use this key command to lock page elements (Illustrator CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017/CC 2018)

Let Tool Hints be your guide! (InDesign CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017/CC 2018)

How a Manager Becomes a Leader

Enhance your text with an attractive image (Illustrator CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017/CC 2018)

Put a copyright notice in your file’s metadata for added protection (Photoshop CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017/CC 2018)

Project Management: The Key to Success & Value

Use the Cisco IOS console to permanently configure terminal length (CISCO)

Apply Cell Styles to quickly call attention to important data (Excel 2016)

Replace all instances of a special character automatically (Word 2016/2013/2010)

IT Service Management (ITSM) – A Job Unto Itself

The Training Manager’s Balancing Act

New Horizon’s Digest: The Quick Notes on the Windows 10 April Update

Stay current on site changes by setting up SMS alerts (SharePoint)

Why Microsoft Experts Want More Open Source

The Exploding World of Office365

The IT Information Library (ITIL) – What is coming in ITIL 4?

What’s the Difference Between CompTIA A+ Part 1 & Part 2?

Select your dataset without all that clicking and dragging (Excel 2016/2013)

Microsoft CSP is a Great Place to Start, and Here’s How to Make it Better

Use echo to confirm malicious activity without execution (PHP)

Create a series of same-sized shapes with the Convert Shape command (InDesign CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017/CC 2018)

Big Data Big Career Big Income Certification

Virtualize Has Many Meanings

Cisco - Quickly Remove Settings with a Config Command

Embrace arrow functions to write clean, condensed code(JavaScript)

Create digital lighting with HTML5 (HTML)

Configure the index to search custom columns (SharePoint)

Call out your first line of text with a Drop Cap

Microsoft Excel Order Of Operations

Excel: The More You Know, the More You Grow

Reminder: Office is a Suite – Do More When You Use the Tools Together

The Expanded Universe of Open Source on Azure

Preparing Users for Digital Transformation

Understanding the two audiences for TSQL training

Turn your data range into an instant chart (Excel 2016)

Import text effortlessly from other apps for your Illustrator designs (Illustrator CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017)

How Do 76% of Candidates Find Jobs

Azure: An Ever-Evolving Platform

The Difference Between Office 365 & Microsoft 365

Extending Your Sphere of Influence

Use scroll-triggered boxes instead of annoying popups (Web Design)

Create Heroes – Making Cloud Make Sense for Your Company

Feeling Stuck in Your Career?

Cross-Training and Your Career

Wake Up Excited About Your Job Search Every Day

Remove telephone wires and other eyesores with the Healing Brush tool (Photoshop CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017/CC 2018)

Become Certified as a Human Resources Professional

Spike it! Cut several nonadjacent items, then paste them all at once (Word 2016/2013/2010)

Auto-focus on the search input field to improve UI (HTML5)

Insert a hyperlink to create an interactive PDF (Acrobat DC)

Avoid individual-user permissions when building a folder environment (SharePoint)

Use Network Segmentation to prevent a full-access security breach (Networks)

Don’t forget to turn on a VPN when using open wifi connections (IT)

Expanding Your New Horizons at SpecTECHcular

Your Primary Weapon Against Ransomware is Education

Cloud Security and You

10 Ways to Blow Your Interview

Get Unified with Cisco UCS

Force your presentation to open as a slideshow (PowerPoint 2016)

Automatically apply a color gradient based on cell values (Excel 2016/2013/2010)

3 common Office 365 management challenges an IT certification can help you solve

Count unique values—with a ROWS function (Excel 2016/2013/2010)

Never miss another important message: Color emails to make them pop (Outlook 2016/2013)

Automatically display emails in HTML with Safe Senders list (Exchange Server)

Deployment Assistant is the perfect wingman for an Exchange 2016 build (Exchange Server)

Cross-Training: Because Networks are More Complex Than a Sandwich

The New Normal: Skills Before Sheepskin

Squeezing Every Drop of Value Out of Office 365

Embrace a new way to paste in place (Illustrator CS4/CS5/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017)

Avoid this easy mistake when troubleshooting CSS code (Cascading Style Sheets)

Use SharePoint Search to extract survey data (SharePoint)

Avoid headaches: Eliminate transitive dependency in your database design (SQL Server)

Successful Planning Key to Office 365 Deployment

Feel the Full Power of Your O365 Upgrade

How to Manage a Remote or Virtual Team

Can you take back an email you’ve already sent? Yes! Maybe. (Outlook 2016/2013/2010; Exchange Server)

How to use delegates in C# to create callback functions (JavaScript)

Simplify SQL Server reporting with the OVER clause (SQL Server)

Show Hidden Characters to reveal layout blunders (InDesign CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017)

Save your sanity: Automatically fill data into your worksheet (Excel 2016/2013)

Freeze a row and column at the same time (Excel 2016/2013/2010/2007)

Create color groups to organize colors in your Swatches panel (Illustrator CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017)

Excel text tricks: Here’s how to change case easily (Excel 2016)

Are You Prepared For Digital Transformation?

5 Easy Ways to Enhance the Look of Your Next Presentation

Improve page load times with CSS3

How to expand the number of IP addresses on a subnet

Where AngularJS can fit into your web projects

Make The Best Use Of Worksheet Hyperlinks

Assign Categories To Calendar Entries For Easy Reading

Authenticate digital signatures with PGP

Embrace Change the Right Way

Knowledge Ninjas Adding New Products

A simple way to prevent borders from disappearing

Stay on the lookout for your own Snowden nemesis

Add dynamically linked Excel data to your Word document

Create responsive sites quickly with jQuery Mobile

Tips for Automatic Slide Shows

To hire the right candidate, use your own interview questions

Key questions to ask to keep third-party tools from becoming albatrosses around your neck

It's Time to Analyze Data with a New Perspective

Big Data: Bigger is Better and More Powerful Than Ever

Create mini toolbars from your go-to Tools panel selections (Illustrator CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017)

Use the Rotate View tool for more fluent image editing (Photoshop CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017)

Enable Custom Slide Shows

How to Create a Chart in Word from Table Data

Six myths about IT interviews

Finding the most hassle-free data import approach in SQL Server

Make an Impact: Be the Hero This Valentine Season

Customize Training the Way You Want It, When You Need It

It's a Beautiful Day to Go to The Fair

Faster way to get back and forth between different files

Enhance your composition by cropping with the Rule of Thirds (Photoshop CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015)

Authenticate digital signatures with PGP

Assign Categories To Calendar Entries For Easy Reading

Make The Best Use Of Worksheet Hyperlinks

Keep your PowerPoint presentation from holding on to useless data (2000/2002/2003/2004)

Avoid a security fiasco with configuration auditing

Don't let drive encryption risk losing your files

Retrieve wireless password information through the Windows command line

Explore Python, Ruby, and JavaScript variants online

Don't let drive encryption risk losing your files

What Tech Gifts You Need to Buy This Holiday Season

Empower users with keyboard shortcuts

Keys to successful Internet connections away from existing networks

Use effective digital images on any budget

Use Data to Perfect Your Business Decisions

User Training Completes Your Windows 10 Migration

Change the ruler's measurement units for comfortable form and report design (Access 2000/2002/2003/2010)

Don't let fancy CLR debugging slow you down

Designate the document title in an exported PDF (InDesign CC 2015)

Learn Lots and Win Big All in One Sensational Day

7 Tips You Need to Know for Cybersecurity in the Workplace

Access Adobe Stock from InDesign and Increase Your Options (InDesign CC/CC 2014/CC 2015)

How to Maintain IT Sanity During Mergers, Acquisitions and Spin-Offs

Change Paragraph Alignment From the Keyboard (2000/2002/2003/2004/2007/2010)

New Horizons Successful Again at 2016 EC-Council Global Awards

New Horizons Crowned CompTIA Outstanding Partner of the Year

A Lack of Engagement in the Workforce

Tips for New Microsoft Office Feature: Navigation Pane

Save some time and use Illustrator's handy pre-made patterns (Illustrator CS5/CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015)

How to Insert Hyperlinks

Reduce costs and hassles with a paperless fax machine

New Horizons Launches New Service

Combat bounced email with these troubleshooting tips (MS Outlook)

No blank line needed - instantly insert space between your paragraphs in MS Word (2000/2002/2003/2004/2007/2010)

Make a new document size the same as another—super quick! (Photoshop CS5/CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015)

Pros and cons to using a firewall sandwich for added security

Use this trick to preview and print older version files (Illustrator CS5/CS6/CC 2014 / InDesign CS5/CS6/CC/CC 2014)

Speed up your scrolling in large documents (Word 2000/2002/2003/2004/2007)

One trick to speed up slow file operations between servers

Don't become too reliant on the PowerPoint Viewer!

Creating your own formatting style

Moderating a presentation with multiple speakers

Use group policy to set permissions for registry keys

Add a decorative text effect with a drop cap (InDesign CS5/CS6/CC/CC 2004/ CC 2015)

Recover Unsaved Workbooks

Compelling Reasons for Using the XML Data Type in SQL Server

Fine-tune your display settings for picture-perfect InDesign images (InDesign CS5/CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015)

Avoid a Security Fiasco with Configuration Auditing

Character Reference Characters for Court Appearances

How to Write a Teacher Resignation Letter

How to Compose An Underlying Cause Essay or Cause Effect Document

Are You Getting the Best Possible IT Deals for Your Institution?

Use This Trick to Apply Non-Destructive Dodge and Burn Edits (Photoshop CS5/CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015)

How to Access a Linked Server's Linked Server in SQL Server

Add Dynamically Linked Excel Data to your Word Document

Different Types Of Essay Writing

Find the Most Hassle-Free Data Import Approach in SQL Server

Create a New Swatch Set from a Web File (Photoshop CC/CC 2014/CC 2015)

How to Create a Chart in Word from Table Data

4 Intriguing Things Data Analytics Can Do

LinkedIn Confirms IT Skills the Most Valuable in 2015

Tips to Compare Edited Presentations

Use These Shortcuts to Add New Layers to Your InDesign Documents (InDesign CS4/CS5/CS6/CC/CC 2014)

Understanding Multiple Default Routes in Router Configuration

2016: The Year for Cybersecurity

Use Digital Signatures to Verify Your Identity

See More Data in Your Worksheet

Take Advantage of Graphic Styles to Enhance Your Illustrator Designs

New Horizons Offers More Learning Solutions to Cedar Rapid's Businesses

How to proof read content

Increase throughput and reliability in Windows Server 2012

Navigate through your Photoshop image with these shortcuts 

New Horizons Named One of the Top 20 IT Training Companies by

Why IT Certifications are a Great Thing to Have

Is Your Data Electromagnetically Secure?

Creating your own formatting style

Cisco Forecasts Exponential Cloud Growth

Create a new spot color with this keyboard shortcut (Illustrator)

Actions to Publishing an Educational Research Proposal

Create quick and easy billowing smoke in Photoshop

How to maintain IT sanity during mergers, acquisitions, and spin-offs

Proud Recipients of Two EC-Council Global Awards

Change Stroke & Fill Colors of Multiple Objects With This Command

Don't let Windows version and edition names confuse you

New Horizons of Killeen, TX Receives Certificate of Appreciation from Fort Hood

Security Affects All Areas of Business

Protect Yourself From Cybercrime

New Horizons Instructors Receive Instructor Excellence Award from Cisco

New Horizons Wins Worldwide Acceleration and Transformation Learning Partner of the Year Award

New Horizons Named Winner of the IAMCP Community Partner of the Year - U.S. Region

5Point Enterprises, Largest Conglomerate of New Horizons Computer Learning Centers Franchise, Announces New President

New Horizons Now Offers Instructional Design to Clients

Microsoft Ignite Benefits IT Leaders in Many Ways

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers Joins EC-Council’s Nationally Recognized Accredited Training Centers

Using Excel’s GETPIVOTDATA Formula to Build a Report Outside of a Pivot Table [Video]


Discover How Big Data Can Benefit You

Six Myths About IT Interviews

Add Watermarks to Images Without the Fuss

Let Excel Format Your PivotTable, So You Can Concentrate on the Data.

New Horizons Receives VMware Global Training Partner of the Year Award

Technology and the Manufacturing Industry

Pros and Cons to Using a Firewall Sandwich for Added Security

Don't Like Your Edits? Revert to the Original.

No Blank Line Needed: Insert Space Between Paragraphs

Don't Flip Flop Between Color Palettes

New Horizons Offers New Cisco Cybersecurity Certification

Faster way to get back and forth between different files

Is your website plagued with the elusive wandering navigation problem?

New Horizons Technical Trainer Recognized as Microsoft’s Eighth Time MVP

May Your Days Be Tech-y and Bright

Why Sandboxing Isn't Sufficient for Ruling Out Malware

Create Punchy Text With a Halftone Effect

Use Effective Digital Images on Any Budget

Get What You Want: Customize a Toolbar to Suit You

When a Lightbox Effect Can Increase Usability

Avoid This Responsive Design Pitfall

We're PMI Approved as a Registered Education Provider!

8 Time EC-Council Award Winner, Pete Cortez, is a Top IT Security Trainer in North America

Create Interesting Photo Effects with Multiple Frames in InDesign

Set Variable Headers and Footers for Multi-Page Templates

Make Security an Integral Part of Your Business Goals

Get the Scoop on New Microsoft Products

Upgrade Yourself: Increase Your Salary Potential & Prepare for Change

Tired of Your Excel Color Scheme? Change It!

Recover Microsoft Office Documents for User (2010, 2013)

Maintain Excellence as a Freelance or Small Business Developer

4 Tips for Securing IT Jobs

Eight Time-Saving Excel Shortcuts

Recruiting Talent to Bring the Internet to Things

Quick Fix to Connect to a Network

Become a Master Over Your Master Pages

eBook Helps Young Women Imagine Possibilities Through Careers in Technology

New Survey Finds Unlicensed Software on Rise

Announcing Microsoft Fresh Editions

Fix SharePoint Web Application 401.1 Access Denied Errors

Show two time zones in your Outlook calendar

Microsoft Urges Moving Beyond Passwords

How to Avoid Issues When Viewing on Cellphones

Power-User Settings: For Their Security and Yours

Is OpenSSH Susceptible to Heartbleed?

How Not to Verify Identity Through a Secret Question

Cybersecurity Threats Exacerbated by Skills Shortage

Recover Unsaved Workbooks

Select Layers Without Using the Layers Panel

Benefit From Cloud-Based Email Filtering

Track changes in Windows Server 2003 and higher

Quick Tips for calculating in an Excel Table

Tidy up InDesign's text boxes with a quick click

How To Insert Hyperlinks in PowerPoint

Scale both strokes and fills the same in Illustrator

Stay on the lookout for your own Snowden nemesis

Web-based app developers in high demand

Quickly change your brush options while you paint (CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6)

Check out Microsoft's malicious software removal tool (Windows)

Position graphics perfectly using Word's own graph paper

Face and FIX the Five Key Challenges to Implementing Training

Rid your Add/Remove Programs dialog box of pesky, out-dated entries

How to switch sheets in Excel using shortcuts

Three ways to get the most out of desktop virtualization

Virtualization slated for a big year in 2014

OpenStack for all Data Centers

A simple way to keep slide objects in line when moving them in PowerPoint

Sample with precision with the Magic Wand tool in Photoshop

One trick to avoid being locked out of a router you're configuring remotely

Top 10 Gifts for Geeks

Top 20 IT Training Companies Worldwide 6 Years Straight

Quickly identify SSL-related problems

Copy Layer Style options to other layers in Photoshop

Get the view you want by using the Field Chooser in Microsoft Outlook

Keep leading zeros in Excel

The trick to deleting layer masks without the warning

How to do an emergency Windows shutdown

Rackspace Launches OpenStack Training Programs with New Horizons

Skills gap provides opportunities for workers with IT training

Creating new brush libraries (Illustrator 10/CS)

Change paragraph alignment from the keyboard (2000/2002/2003/2004/2007/2010)

Remote administration: security weak link? (Windows)

Are you ready for SharePoint's SkyDrive App?

Define the Initial View Settings for Acrobat 9 PDFs

Protect Windows systems against SYN flood attacks

Navigate through your selected range by changing the active cell in Excel

The Race to BYOD

Young Executives Drive the Use of Video

Microsoft Shows Off New Office Mobile Apps at BUILD 2013

New Horizons named Finalist for 2013 Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year

Delete Photoshop preferences to fix performance issues

Don’t let SQL Server date-related queries miss important records

Keyboard shortcuts for easy paragraph alignment

Ease troubleshooting by setting what happens in case of a switchport violation

Moderating a presentation with multiple speakers

Layer merging tactics in Photoshop

10 Top Trends Includes IT Training

4 Tips for Managers to Strengthen Their IT Department

Prevent numerical errors in SQL Server

Save time in Excel with Shortcuts

Need to debug NTP synchronization?

Prevent server crashes by monitoring performance issues in advance

Make Your Photoshop Magic Wand Precise

Display time the way YOU want it in Excel

New Horizons' Tiffany Wallace Interview with

Protect your BIOS with a supervisor password

Recover unsaved Excel 2010 workbooks

Microsoft's Exchange 2013, Office 365 provide big software capabilities

Save your Photoshop selections often to save yourself time

Use a hyperlink to launch your default Web browser in PowerPoint

Track Changes in Windows Server 2003 and higher

Select Photoshop layers without using the layers panel

6 Time Microsoft MVP Mark Rosenberg at Visual Studio Live!

Demand for "Cloud-ready" IT workers continues to grow

New Horizons is an approved Military Friendly School

Show two time zones in your Outlook calendar

Diagramming your SQL databases

Sample with precision with the Magic Wand tool in Adobe CS

Keep IP access lists ordered properly

Microsoft Certification Visual Roadmaps


New Horizons Among Top 20 IT Training Companies Worldwide

Upgrade to MCSA: Windows Server 2012 Certification with Exam 70-417

Up productivity with Outlook keyboard shortcuts

Study: Enhanced Employee Development Needed in 2013

How to resolve a duplex mismatch error

Use internal hyperlinks in Excel

Unable to Ping? May point to IP conflict.

Free Microsoft Downloads

How to share InDesign styles with others

Manage many ports more easily and reliably with stacked switches

Automatically open a specific workbook when you launch Excel

Just how dirty is your workspace?

Isolate your wireless clients from your LAN

Prevent a B&W document from separating to CMYK in InDesign

Possible security flaw in password-protected Excel documents

Infographic: Virtualization and Private Cloud Trends

Preview Photoshop feathering effects

CompTIA Changing A+ Exam Effective October 9th

Commands to debug NTP synchronization

Change your default date separator in Excel

Create text outlines in InDesign without losing original text

Verify URLs in potential SPAM emails

You think you know Cisco?

Filter IOS command output with include and exclude

Quick correction shortcuts in Cisco IOS

Computerworld needs your feedback for special report

After 25 years, Microsoft's logo gets an update

Microsoft Office to be available for iPad

Configure network redundancy properly for smoother failover

Four ways to exit Cisco configuration mode

Easily reset the default domain group policies

Turn InDesign document pages one spread at a time

Take Screenshots with Excel 2010

How to: Install Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview (Beta)

New Office 2013 Unavailable for Windows XP and Vista

Network problems? Check your ASA License.

8 helpful Internet Explorer keyboard shortcuts

Miss Illustrator's Scissors tool in Photoshop?

Microsoft Offers $39.99 Windows 8 Upgrade - Learn more

Tech Tool Tip #7: Healthcare IT Tools

Career Focus Tip #6: Security Careers

Tech Tool Tip #6: Lesser-Known Tools

Career Focus Tip #5: Database Careers

Tech Tool Tip #5: Software Tools

Career Focus Tip #4: Programming Careers

Tech Tool Tip #4 – Network Tools

Enhance network security with an IDS/IPS

Speed up your scrolling in large Word documents

Instantly synchronize Photoshop text attributes throughout all type layers

Career Focus Tip #3: Server Careers

Tech Tool Tip #3 – Pliers

Career Focus Tip #2: Networking Career

Tech Tool Tip #2 – Toolkits

Career Focus Tip: Five Foundational Certifications

Tech Tool Tip #1 - Screwdrivers

Certification, a Degree, Experience? What gets your foot into the hiring door more?

MCSE & MCSA are back!

Get quick database login information from the application code

Customized Flag Reminders: Get the most out of your Outlook.

Make a quick and easy dashed line in Photoshop! (CS2/CS3/CS4/CS5)

Do certifications matter?

Cloud Computing Services vs Virtualization Technology - A “Technical in Nature” Discussion

Register today for SharePoint TechFest!

The Hottest IT Certifications for 2012

Make the case of your element and attribute names consistent with XSLT

The simple tool for when devices don't power up correctly

Control your eraser lines

View your chart and its underlying data simultaneously

Using the chart tool in Microsoft Word 2010

Leading Technology Companies Partner to Elevate U.S. Small Businesses During 12-City Tour

Make The Best Use Of Worksheet Hyperlinks

I saved over my original, oh no!

Stay green (and legal) by eCycling

Text links add bigger SE benefits than image links alone

Prevent or control use of USB flash drives

Great photo restoration begins with a great scan

For more understandable error reporting, use the JavaScript console in Gecko-based browsers

Stop micromanaging your Excel tables

Comments in CSS and HTML

Reusing Slides in a PowerPoint Presentation

Know your HTML tags

Visual Studio 2010: New Features

Wireframing: Web Design to Save Time

Intellitrace- Visual Studio 2010

Photoshop CS5: Blending Modes for Pictures

Create Sparklines in Excel 2010

Avoid information overload when logging

Update Your Windows Forms Application

Place a search on your website for free

Take advantage of Linux standardization on FlexPod

Get the Cloud Story Straight

Let [Ctrl]Z become you best friend in Outlook

Preview your changes more naturally by turning off marching ants

Link to another presentation and then return to your main presentation

Scroll through your documents hands-free

Use the Visual Studio .NET Toolbox to add elements to Web pages

Identify colors in PDF files easily for cross-application use

Microsoft's malicious software removal tool

Don't settle for a cluttered workspace-hide panels in a jiffy

Post 9/11 GI Bill Webinar: Your Path to a Career in IT

Make your XHTML backward-compatible with Appendix C

Pete Cortez named one of EC Council's Instructors of the Year!

IT Hall of Fame Nominations!

Be sure all files are available during your PowerPoint presentation

The Cloud on your Terms 30 Part Series

Edit a cell's text as soon as you switch worksheets

Quickly use the Crop tool to check your document

Integrate your HP BladeSystem with Cisco Nexus switches

Pinpoint your 3-D chart's data points with drop lines

Prevent confusion when you print out a lengthy PivotTable

Write to a text file using the FileStream StreamWriter class (ASP.NET)

Isolate your wireless clients from your LAN (Windows)

Protect your BIOS with a supervisor password

Is Acrobat ignorning your initial view settings

Instantly find cells connected to a formula

Microsoft and Elance partner to find job opportunities for MCPs

Dynamically adjust the Transform effect (Adobe Illustrator)

Simulate complex networks with this open source tool

Show two time zones in your Outlook calendar

Android Development Bootcamps at New Horizons

Agile Project Management Classes Now Available at New Horizons

Will Work for Free? (Or Pay.)

Cisco report analyzes newest cybercrime tactics

Create a Task from an Email

Access special folders without legacy COM references

Use a New Method to Write Queries and Avoid Headaches

Adding a Linked Photo to your Signature in Outlook

Control where phones call with Cisco IOS Telephony Service's COR feature

Link to another presentation and then return to your main presentation

Find creative alternatives to oversized dropdown lists

Cisco Worldwide Learning Partner Award

Ease decision-making by understanding fundamental security principles (Oracle)

Speed up your scrolling in large documents

What’s new for IPv6 in Windows Vista

6 expert tips for creating HTML emails

Add character entity definitions to your well-formed XML instance

Improve your computer’s performance on Windows Vista

Target a specific page by using PDF page import options

You can display mulitple Outlook windows at once

Create a distribution list directly from the Address Book in Outlook

A founding father on the internet as a resource.

Why would a Microsoft Partner attend TechED?

Selectively output content using the descendent axis in XSLT

Prevent or control use of USB flash drives

Copy and convert text to outlines simultaneously

IT vs. Mgmt (a joke!)

Make your own keyboard-shortcut cheat sheet

Don’t let Windows ignore your copy and paste commands

Dynamically adjust the Transform effect

Function Key Shortcuts for PowerPoint

Stop P2P file sharing applications

Design your site to Avoid Spam

Find lost anchor points with the Stray Points command

Utilize a PowerPoint slide in a Word document

Take a new direction with your tables

Show percentages with a little color

Monitor network traffic with bandwidth monitoring tools

Where to look for a little inspiration

Cautions and workarounds regarding newer IP phones

Google plans a hiring blitz

Creating Simple Horizontal Bar Graph in PHP

Determine which named instance you’re connected to

Use Jabberwocky to quickly fill your text boxes

System recovery made easy

Convert a document page into a master page

Cheat sheet for your function

Simplify managing your IT resources

Reassign a task that's been declined

Be aware of NAT/PAT syntax changes

Why use an effect over a filter?

Remove unwanted whitespace with XSLT

Save QuarkXpress files to prevent data loss

Use ASP.NET's Visible property

Solution for small business web content filtering

Get a quick preview of a large file

Make sure wireless access points meet regulations

Get your non-printing slugs to print

Easily reset the default domain group policies

Key troubleshooting tips for layer 1 network issues

Fine-tune VPD in Oracle Database

When a laptop can't connect to Wi-Fi...

Move an entire row or column without displacing data

Easily audit changes to the registry

Complete a Send/Receive from anywhere in Outlook

Block third-party cookies and protect your privacy

Make security a part of your business goals

Peek at your Slide Master's layout before you apply

Alternatives to storing BLOB data in the database

Avoid the My Documents default

Customize the Track Changes color options

Top ten tips for great HTML email

Don't forget customer service on your eCommerce site

Text links add bigger SE benefits

Calculate your email delivery time

Where, Oh, Where Did My Favorite Fonts Go?

Securing Webform responses using CAPTCHA

Quick Fix for InDesign CS5 Button Glitch

The hidden benefit to the Sample All Layers option

Minimize Windows Boot time

Don't work on Photoshop files across a network!

Isolate your wireless clients from your LAN

What to do when employees claim EHS

Stop forgetting to respond to that email: Flag it for follow-up

Cisco's enhanced privilege settings

Manipulate the DOCTYPE to validate XML documents

Work around a common error — and keep your comments!

Displaying all images in PHP

Check MTU size if web pages don't load fully

Fixup issue if mail is timing out with PIX firewall

Specify what PivotTable displays in place of empty cells

Instantly create a numbered list in Word

Generate a new encryption key

Avoid adding too much space between paragraphs

Generating Website Thumbnails in PHP

Determine group membership quickly with whoami

CAPTCHA code to secure your webforms

Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2010

Move an entire row or column in Excel without overwriting your data

Create evenly sliced slices in Photoshop

Alternatives to storing BLOB data in the database

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers Wins Cisco Excellence in Acceleration Award at Cisco Partner Summit

Don’t let date-related queries miss important records

Quickly remove a gradient mesh in Illustrator

Chart a static value with a straight line for easy comparisons in Excel

Find related messages in a snap in Outlook

Manage your guides in QuarkXpress

Use xsl:value-of to retrieve attribute values for output

Use SysKey to protect the SAM database

Remove unwanted background detail in Photoshop

Create reusable counters for consistency

Instantly deactivate all hyperlinks or fields in a document

Boot up more quickly by ditching unnecessary startup programs

Microsoft is making its security software public

New legacy content tools available for SharePoint 2010 managers

Thwart hackers by securing Dynamic DNS

Use xsl:include to modularize your XSL stylesheets

Quickly Add Color to Table Components in QuarkXPress

Lighten a color without changing its hue or saturation

Using ASP.NET to Read from a Text File Using FileStream StreamReader class

Quickly Clean Up Your Temp Files With Ease

Remove a sender from your Outlook Junk Email List

Back up your login password to avoid losing it altogether

What's the difference between Fill and Opacity?

Six Sigma Training Available

Earn your CompTIA certifications by December 31, 2010, and be certified for life!

Have you heard about Visual Studio LightSwitch?

New Horizons of Austin named one of Microsoft's Top 25 Training Partners

Feel-good post of the month

IT workforce continues to grow, report says

Don't add video to your webpage just because everyone else does

Don’t let fancy CLR debugging slow you down

Our Centers Rock!

Easily Enter Numbers as Text in Excel

IT recruiters to maintain hiring throughout the year

Create backups to revert from unwanted saved changes in Excel

Make the case of your element and attribute names consistent with XSLT

Take the express lane to a Windows shutdown

Microsoft Rebrands MCAS to MOS 2007

Official Google Analytics Training Comes to Dallas

Breathe Easier: We're planting 3100 trees!

Freeze Excel Column and Row Titles

Which Language? C, C++, SQL?

Add search to your website for FREE

How to create your own custom layouts with PowerPoint SlideMaster

Resolution Matters in PowerPoint

How Does Temperature Affect Your Computer?

Does 33 + 33 = 66 in Your JavaScript Code?

Overwrite deleted data WITHOUT a 3rd Party Program

Tired of doing a print screen or a mark->copy on a DOS command box?

Format Fills & Strokes With Your Keyboard in Illustrator

Use Image Resizer to resize graphics for PowerPoint in a Snap

Work Smarter with Your Gradient Meshes in Illustrator

Is Remote Administration the Weak Link in Your Security?

Insert a custom sheet template in Excel

Need a Title Master for your PowerPoint Presentation?

I want my RUN command back!

Sticky Note your Photoshop file

Save Resources. Save Money. Green IT.

Speed Freaks Rejoice!

Stop splitting hyphenated words

Happy New Year!

Including the username and password in a link

Use Dial-in properties to secure remote access connections

Redo Your Undo in Excel with Shorcut Keys

Insert a Photo INSIDE Word Art

Get more space between your text in Photoshop

Rotating and moving patterns in Filled Objects using Illustrator

Partially optional function parameters in ASP (VBScript 5.0+)

Switch from Telnet to SSH (Windows)

How Temperature Really Affects Your Computer

Upgrading to 10g an obvious choice for RAC databases

Shrink Your File Sizes in Word

Public-Key Cryptography and Windows PKI: How it works

Easily remove unwanted backgrounds in Photoshop

How to Choose Your eCommerce Package

Determine your true internet connection speed (All Systems)

Never type a decimal point again!

Shrink Your Outlook Email File Size

Extract an image from a PDF using Photoshop CS2 or CS3

Are your characters showing up as little boxes on your web pages?

Financial Assistance for Career Development for Military Spouses from MyCAA

Stop saving over your original files

Create Custom Illustrator Graphic Styles

Avoid the hassle of escaping quotes in Oracle

Never hit the wrong database

Protect your web browser from phishing attacks

Harvesting Private Data via MS Word?

Bulleted Lists - lines with no bullets?

Microsoft Learning Contest - Write a Haiku, Win Xbox 360 Elite

Save your PDF files in style

Top 10 List of Windows 7 Tips, Tricks, Tweaks and Secrets

What are the best jobs in America?

Microsoft's Pinpoint lets you Rate & Review

Remember to test ALL your memory

Make your text DYNAMIC in InDesign

15 Google Interview Questions that make you go "huh?"

Get ultra organized in Outlook - part 2

Get ultra organized in Outlook 2003

Sick of Times New Roman? Change your default font.

New Horizons of Dallas: One of the best places to work!

Forge a path and leave a trail

Simple upgrades might Sabotage your recovery plan

Control how you scale stroked objects in InDesign

Automagically clear your Temporary Internet Files in Internet Explorer

Quit squinting: Zoom in on your comments in Word

Finish Strong...Inspiration from blogmasterE

Good advice on a Monday morning from BlogmasterE

Change existing text to UPPERCASE without retyping it!

Avoid using split tunneling in your VPN connections

Remove stray pixels from Photoshop selections


It's all about Attitude - blogmasterE

Don't get fooled by links in SPAM

Meet BlogmasterE: Guest Blogger, Instructor, Good Guy

What is the difference between Opacity and Fill in Photoshop?

Good tip for public speaking-Eye contact

SharePoint in Plain English!

Did You Know?

JavaScript & Query Strings to organize your website images

Create a Cheat Sheet in Excel's Formula Bar

Microsoft's Vision for 2019

Custom Excel chart axis labels

Correctly rotate your images every time in Photoshop

Easily find records changed since midnight

Fight SPIM and SPIT, as well as SPAM

8 Useful Excel Tips

Go further with certification

Training as a morale booster: From the mouth of a student

Top 10 most annoying phrases heard in the office:

Update to CCNA VOICE Certification

What is the best computer for seniors?

How to Authenticate Your Email and Other E-Documents

Awesome Time Saving Technique for Sampling Blending Modes

Keep Your Phrases Connected in Word


Thanks for a SpecTECHular Event!

Create a strong focal point in Photoshop with "selective color"

Photoshop CS4's Accessibility Features

Combating Malicious Code Threats

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers Wins United States and Canada Learning Partner of the Year Award at Cisco Partner Summit

Protect your Web page from junky query string values - ASP.NET

Instantly change the background for just a few slides in a presentation

It's Back by Popular Demand...SpecTECHular!2009

Search for a cause!

Everyone loves a good shortcut. This one saves time in Photoshop.

Did you need more incentive to upgrade to Office 07?

Novell Worldwide Tour

Server Quest II is here!

Career Training

Want to hear something crazy about Microsoft Training?

How many of your projects have failed, come in over budget or run past deadlines?

Wordle, Wordle - Pure Fun

It's Not Cheating! It's a Macro.

You don't need no stinking cell phone to send a text message!

Power Up Your Skills $25,000 Training Sweepstakes

It's Official: We're tops in Microsoft Training Worldwide

Congratulations, top-performing AATCs and ACIs - New Horizon of San Antonio and Austin

Recovery To Reinvention Through Education

Rent a room from New Horizons

New Horizons of Austin is moving!

Out with the old

Exclusive discount on Microsoft TechNet Plus Direct subscription through New Horizons

New Wireless Certification Available from Cisco

Focus the attention on you with a single keystroke in PowerPoint

IT Security Salaries on Rise; Certified Ethical Hacker Certification Up 40%

Overcome Vista user control hassles and prove the critics wrong

Cool Tools from Microsoft

Training for Active Duty Military, Reserves Personnel and Veterans

The coolest online tool you're not using.

IT Strategy in a Recession

Parental Controls on Vista Ultimate computer

Props for Adobe Training in San Antonio

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