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Preparing Users for Digital Transformation

Transform yourself into a Digital Trend LeaderNo, we’re not thinking about turning people into cyborgs, but the concept of Digital Transformation is really not so much about technology as it is about how people use new and emerging technologies. As a professional technologist your clients gain more the more you guide them along the transformative path.

You hand someone a hammer, a screwdriver, and a pliers. What makes you think they know how to use them? They don’t, so you teach them. You have just taken them through a tool transformation.

Now hand them a smartphone, or some wearable technology like a fitness band or smartwatch. Teach them how to use it. Yes, you’ve just taken them through a digital transformation.

It Really Is That Simple, and That Challenging

Many may find the term “digital transformation” to be intimidating, but it simply refers to the opportunity people have to improve the way they get things done by applying new digital technology. With the rate at which new technologies like mobility, cloud, big data, internet of things (IoT), and more are emerging it’s more of a challenge than ever to keep up, but more of an opportunity than ever to get ahead.

It has always been true that no technology is useful until people start to benefit from the use of it. This creates a new mandate for technologists to be the leaders, the Sherpas, the guides along the path to digital enlightenment. Okay, that may have been a bit over the top. Suffice to say that users will turn to you to help them take advantage of new technologies that will have transformative impact upon their lives.

Taking the Lead of Following Behind

You have the choice as to whether you will exhibit digital leadership, or simply be a responsive tech support resource.

As a leader, you’re always watching what your users are doing. You’re asking them questions about what they’re trying to accomplish. Then you’re correlating that with what you’ve learned recently about transformative technologies to match up needs with new resources. You share your excitement and enthusiasm with your users to get them infected with the need for the new technology. Then you hope they get the budget appropriations they need to obtain them. You then get to learn more about them as you teach the user to get the most possible value from them. The company enjoys a tremendous return on their investment.

As a tech support resource, you wait for questions.

Which of these do you think earns promotion faster?

Posted on 2/28/18 11:57 PM by Get Schooled in leadership development

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