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The Expanded Universe of Open Source on Azure

The Building Blocks of Microsoft - Linux & Open SourceAfter decades of open warfare on Open Systems, Microsoft has made it very clear that Azure loves Open Source and is an ideal platform for building your Open Systems environments. Here’s how this broadens the horizon for you, your employer, your clients, and the IT community.

Novell. Lotus. Linux. Open Source. Across the history of Microsoft, these were the well-known nemeses. The first two have faded into relative obscurity, but Linux and Open Source have taken a different path.

Microsoft Loves Linux and Open Source

On October 6, 2016, at the Ignite conference, Microsoft’s Michael Kelley presented “See Why Microsoft Loves Linux & Open Source,” with an introduction that said, “You've been hearing that Microsoft loves Linux. What changed? Why does Microsoft love Linux and open source? This session is a broad overview of Microsoft's approach to Linux and open source, including the business drivers and the benefits for you. It surveys Microsoft's work with Linux and open source, both in on-premises environments and in the Azure cloud. Hear about Linux on Hyper-V, System Center, PowerShell DSC, OMS, Azure Stack, Azure IaaS, Azure PaaS, as well as SQLServer on Linux and the Windows Subsystem for Linux.”

Kelley explains that Microsoft saw that the world of computing was changing. Needs were changing. The rate of advancement was changing. CEO Satya Nadella made in clear in 2014 that Microsoft was embracing Open Source because it had to in order to better serve customers.

At the bottom line it was all about doing what made the most sense for the customer.

A Broader Community

In the broadest sense, Open Source benefits most from the fact that it creates a broader community of developers and users contributing to the library of software and integrated solutions available in OpenStack, Open Systems, Linux and the staggering array of utilities in the various libraries. This community cooperates with each other to further the development of the many tools in the libraries that are all available to all members.

By embracing Open Source, Satya Nadella established Microsoft as a long-term member of this community, contributing and cooperating in many of its projects. As a result, PowerShell is now open source and available to run on Linux. Linux Agent & Container Solution for OMS is available, and there are a growing numbe of contributors to the Azure Resource Manager community on GitHub. This is part of the reason that a growing proportion of virtual machines (VMs) on Azure are running Linux and other open source technologies.

Open Source Opens New Horizons at New Horizons

Between software-defined-networking, software-defined-storage, containers, microservices, and all of the other solutions encompassed by Open Source, there’s much to learn. Add the integration of all of this into the Azure environment and you have the most flexible, powerful platform imaginable. There’s a lot to learn. Start by talking with your New Horizons counselor today.

Posted on 3/1/18 3:05 AM by Get Schooled in Azure

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