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How Do 76% of Candidates Find Jobs

It’s probably not what you’re thinking. Are you one of those people who dismiss LinkedIn as just “Facebook for your business life”? If so, you are selling this valuable tool, and yourself, short.

Yes, LinkedIn works hard to be many things to many people, and now that they’re part of Microsoft we can expect much, much more, but a look at the fundamentals suggests how LinkedIn facilitates the way our working world works these days.

Your LinkedIn profile serves as an expanded version of your resumé. Not only does it list your work history and educational experience, it also provides an opportunity for others to celebrate you.

Role of the Resumé

Many never stop to think about the core role and goal of our resumé. Here are a few:

  • Get job interviews. This has always been the top goal of any resumé.
  • Describe You, What You Bring to the table and What You’ve Done.
  • Check a Box. These days, companies still require a copy of your resumé on file when they hire you.

A quick real-life story to illustrate how LinkedIn does much more when you’re searching for your next great work adventure.

A friend of mine called and said he needed my help. His company had missed payroll twice and he was becoming worried. He asked if I could help with his resumé and I said “no.” This, of course, shocked him.

I asked how many people he knew. He had no idea. I implored him to simply start calling people and talking with his warm network. Don’t ask them for a job, I told him, just tell them about your situation. Just about everybody you call, I added, will have also have been in that same situation at some point. He was still skeptical and really wanted my help with his resumé.

What would he prefer? A piece of paper that describes him, what he has accomplished, and what he brings to any company, or to have someone who knows him well introduce him personally to someone else they know well and who trusts their advice. He acknowledged that the personal introduction sounded a lot more effective.

We agreed that he would try making those calls and let me know how it went.

Two weeks later the same friend called and said he needed my help. “Déjà vu,” I said. Didn’t we already have this conversation? “Different problem,” he replied. He then explained to me that he received three different job offers and wasn’t sure which one to pick.

This story happens to be true. It really happened and has happened repeatedly in different forms. Personal networking, calling people you know who can introduce you to other people they know, including those who might have opportunities for you, is the way most people find new jobs, new gigs, new opportunities these days. In fact, 76% of job seekers find employment through people they know.

Where Does LinkedIn Fit In?

LinkedIn exists, in part, as an online catalog of the people you know. That’s the most valuable resource anyone has!

Beyond job search, if you’re looking for resources to help you with research, projects, or any other endeavor, LinkedIn embodies a wealth of searchable information. Once you’ve found someone you’d like to speak with, you can also find out who you and they know in common, who can introduce you to each other. You can expand your personal network with high precision and focus.

You can also share your observations and interests with everyone you know, and attract others by posting in Groups. You can keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the various communities you consider yourself a part of by monitoring those Groups. You can publish your thoughts where others may read them.

Networking – It’s all about Linking in

Personal networking is the most important activity anyone participates in. None of us succeeds alone, and the more good you can do for more people, the more good finds its way back around to you. Meet more people all the time by leveraging the power of LinkedIn.

Putting It All Together

Learn how to present yourself when you’re networking, make your LinkedIn profile compelling and create a strong summary for your resume. You’ll learn all of this and more when you attend Resumes that Rock! Reserve your seat for our webinar HERE!

Posted on 2/12/18 12:13 PM by Get Schooled in leadership development

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